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jQuery Click Events Only Fire Once

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This thread was started before GSAP 3 was released. Some information, especially the syntax, may be out of date for GSAP 3. Please see the GSAP 3 migration guide and release notes for more information about how to update the code to GSAP 3's syntax. 

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I have a click event bound to a "open menu" element and a another one bound to a "close menu" element. After page load, both elements execute as expected but the click event isn't fired if you try to open the menu again. It seems like such a simple piece of code. What am I missing here?

See the Pen jPoBYa by Fettabachi (@Fettabachi) on CodePen

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Hi and welcome to the GreenSock forums,


Thanks so much for providing the clear and simple demo. Very helpful.


I can see how that would have been a little frustrating. Good news, its a simple fix. 


When you opened you were setting the nav to have y:0 (which defaults to a px value baked into a css transform matrix)

<div style="transform: translate3d(0px, 0px, 0px);" class="nav_wrap">

However, when you close the menu you tween to y:"-100%" which creates a separate percentage-based translation.

<div style="transform: translate(0%, -100%) translate3d(0px, 0px, 0px);" class="nav_wrap">

so even though you were technically tweening back to y:0 (px value) you still had the nav at y:"-100%" (off screen). Being able to combine px-based and %-based transforms and animate them independently is extremely powerful, but we recommend that when doing the percentage-based translations that you use the xPercent, yPercent properties.




In short to fix your pen you could just use y:"0%" in your first tween in the menu-toggle click function, but below is the code to use yPercent


 function() {
   TweenMax.to(".nav_wrap", .6, {yPercent:0, ease:Power1.easeInOut, force3D:true})
 TweenMax.set(".cd-primary-nav, .info_wrap", {y:20, opacity:0, ease:Power1.easeInOut, force3D:true})
   TweenMax.to(".cd-primary-nav", .3, {delay:.6, y:0, opacity:1, ease:Power1.easeInOut, force3D:true})
   TweenMax.to(".info_wrap", .3, {delay:.6, y:0, opacity:1, ease:Power1.easeInOut, force3D:true});

 function() {
   TweenMax.to(".nav_wrap", .6, {yPercent:-100, ease:Power1.easeInOut, force3D:true});

demo: http://codepen.io/anon/pen/PqvpMj?editors=001


Also check out Petr Tichy's video: 

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Whoopsy, looks like I have outdated info in my brain :)


(thanks for the education, Carl!)

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I knew it had to be a rookie mistake. Thanks for the clear explanation as well as the video. I've just begun using GSAP and from the looks of things, you'll be seeing a lot more of me around these parts.

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