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Giving anonymous function to 'onComplete'

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I would like to know if it is possible to give the TweenLite.to parameter 'onComplete' an anonymous function to be executed. Something like this:

             {alpha:0, onComplete:function() 
                           trace("something happens here");
                           someCounter += 1; 

?? or is there a way to do something close ?

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That code will work exactly as you have it. Did you have a problem?

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Well.......... I have no idea what I did between the time I tested it and the time I posted the question, because I can assure ;D that it did not work at all.
Now I`m testing it and .... it actually does what it should do .... strange .
Sorry for this post and for the late answer. 

PS: Do I have to set this Forum Question as solved or you ? or it actually does not need to be checked at all.
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No worries, these weird things happen all the time. It's part of being a developer  :mrgreen:

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