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Tweenlite update for Flash

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GSAP doesn't update Tweenlite for Flash about a year. Do you longer support Flash ??

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Hi and welcome to the GreenSock forums,


Sure we still support our Flash products (you should see that 99% of questions in this forum are addressed by staff).


However, you may also notice that the frequency of people posting in this forum is very low compared to our HTML5 forum. We can go 3 or 4 days without a post here but have many posts daily in H5. 


Regardless of the reasons, the market has spoken and demand for Flash is extremely low. As far as new features and products go, our focus is 100% on HTML5 / JavaScript. Adobe has dropped support for ActionScript 2 and is making Flash Pro an H5 tool (canvas and WebGL export). With all these signs, there just isn't any compelling reason for us to focus our resources on AS3 tooling.


If you are still using Flash, I'm absolutely confident our existing products will serve you well (we've refined them for nearly a decade and they have been battle-tested by the biggest brands). I welcome you to take them for a spin, but I think you will find things are much more exciting on the H5 side.

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