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Dead area with "autoDeselct"

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I have a Flex4 project in which I am using TransformManager. Think of it as an "image collage" type app with a "canvas" area and tool and channel sidebars like in Photoshop.


The TransformManager "autoDeselect" property is set to true and I have added both sidebars to thr TM's "ignore" list. It mostly works ok except there is a "dead" area on one section of my canvas (a Spark Group element). This means that clicks in those areas does not trigger an autoDeselect. However if I have a "collage" element in that area, I AM able to select it – so it's confusing.


This is likely a "stupid Flex" problem than a TransformManager issue but I've been trying to debug this for hours and I haven't been able to identify what is eating the mouseClicks.


Question: Can someone point me to the function in TransformManager which processes mouse click events. I looked a bit at the source code and put in some trace statements but didn't gat any output. I am thinking that maybe Flex has created some invisible crap skin thing in the "dead" area which is part of one of the ignored sidebars– but I have no idea how t get at it.





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Nevermind – I found it. It's a stupid Flex thing. Looks like I will have to hack the TransformManager code to "fix" it.

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Thanks for letting us know. Yeah, Flex has a reputation for being....um...let's just say "buggy" and leave it at that. No fun, I know. It's why we try to avoid Flex as much as possible. Good luck with your project. 

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