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ThrowPops plugin not working withair sdk

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There is an issue with the throwprops plugin doesn't work with Air sdk Is anyone aware of this and if there is an upate to Greensock.

I was having problems with the swiping motion in some places of my app where the scrolling motion would not give the appearance of movement. I have a book app where I'm adding pages dynmically and when the user swipes the pages, they appear as one continuous page. In places where it does not work correctly, the pages just appear, as if tapped and not swiped in a continous motion.

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We're not aware of any such issues, no. Hm. What version of ThrowPropsPlugin and TweenLite or TweenMax are you using? Please make sure it's the latest. If you're still having trouble, please post a simple reduced test case .FLA that demonstrates the problem and we'll try to investigate. I wonder if there's some other issue at play because the symptoms you describe don't really sound like something ThrowPropsPlugin could do (I certainly may be wrong though). 


Don't forget to zip your FLA and include any support files. Click the "More reply options" to get a screen where you can add an attachment. 

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How can I tell which version of the TweenLite or TweenMax I am using?

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I believe I'm using TweenLite/TweenMax VERSION: 12.1.5. However, I don't think I've updated since February?

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Or open up the ActionScript files and look at top of source.


You can get the latest version from your account dashboard.

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I will test with the new version.  Also, the throwpropsplugin works with on ios. However, with any version higher I begin to see the intermittant results.

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