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How to make banner loop in AS2

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Hi All,


Does anyone know how to make the banner loop in AS2? Can it be done in TweenNano?

Below is my code so far:





import com.greensock.*;
import com.greensock.easing.*;

//Scene 1

TweenNano.to(bg1, 1, {_x:0, _y:0, _alpha:100, ease:Cubic.easeOut});
TweenNano.to(logo, 1, {_x:13, _y:20, _alpha:100, delay:.5, ease:Fade.easeOut, overwrite:false});
TweenNano.to(text1, 1, {_x:267.35, _y:45, _alpha:100, ease:Cubic.easeOut, delay:1.3, overwrite:false});
TweenNano.to(text2, 1, {_x:378, _y:45, _alpha:100, ease:Cubic.easeOut, delay:3.5, overwrite:false});
TweenNano.to(text3, 1, {_x:475.05, _y:45, _alpha:100, ease:Cubic.easeOut, delay:4.5, overwrite:false});
TweenNano.to(text4, 1, {_x:584.2, _y:45, _alpha:100, ease:Cubic.easeOut, delay:5, overwirte:false});

TweenNano.to(bg1, 1, {_x:0, _y:0, _alpha:0, ease:Cubic.easeOut, delay:7.5, overwrite:false});
TweenNano.to(text1, 1, {_x:267.35, _y:45, _alpha:0, ease:Cubic.easeOut, delay:7.5, overwrite:false});
TweenNano.to(text2, 1, {_x:378, _y:45, _alpha:0, ease:Cubic.easeOut, delay:7.5, overwrite:false});
TweenNano.to(text3, 1, {_x:475.05, _y:45, _alpha:0, ease:Cubic.easeOut, delay:7.5, overwrite:false});
TweenNano.to(text4, 1, {_x:584.2, _y:45, _alpha:0, ease:Cubic.easeOut, delay:7.5, overwirte:false});

TweenNano.to(bg2, 1, {_x:0, _y:0, _alpha:100, ease:Cubic.easeOut, delay:7.8, overwrite:false});
TweenNano.to(text5, 1, {_x:362.3, _y:27.5, _alpha:100, ease:Cubic.easeOut, delay:8, overwrite:false});

TweenNano.to(CTA, 1, {_x:629.45, _y:35.5, _alpha:100, ease:Cubic.easeOut, delay:8.5, overwrite:false});

Many Thanks!

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The trick is you need to reset all your properties of all your objects to their pre-tweened values.


import com.greensock.*;

//record initial values;
var blueStartX = blue._x;
var redStartX = red._x;
var greenStartX = green._x;
var greenStartY = green._y;

//reset props to initial values on repeat
function repeat() {
blue._x = blueStartX;
red._x = redStartX;
green._x = greenStartX;
green._y = greenStartY;
red._alpha = blue._alpha = green._alpha = 100;

function animate() {
TweenNano.to(blue, 1, {_x:200, _alpha:0});
TweenNano.to(red, 1, {_x:300, _alpha:0, delay:1});
TweenNano.to(green, 1, {_x:400, _y:400, delay:2, _alpha:0, onComplete:wait})

//call repeat after 1 second
function wait() {
  TweenNano.delayedCall(1, repeat);


see attached CS5 fla and swf



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