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This question has probably been asked, but my searches have not turned up anything of value yet.


Basically I have an animation sequence that will be used on multiple timelines.  Is there a way to 'package' a unique timeline and apply it to others?  An example I might come up with is the flapping of a birds wings (I'm not writing that btw).  The sequence I might use to flap the wings could be generally applied to a number of wing images, and bird bodies.  


Apologies in advance if this noob question has already been addressed. 

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Hi mikecorbridge  :)


pls try this : 

See the Pen OPeqVR by MAW (@MAW) on CodePen

function anim(elem){  
  var tl = new TimelineMax();
  return tl

var master1 = new TimelineMax();
master1.to( '#mydiv1' , 0.5 , {rotation:360})
  .add( anim( '#mydiv1' ) ) // now you can call anim() with any selector and add in other timelines
  .add( anim( '#mydiv2' ) ); 
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