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Complex Vectors and 4k Displays

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I am now testing my apps on 4k displays as these become more common.


Using TweenLite:


I am having an issue with the performance of a tween that occurs only when very high res displays are used.


I am testing on 2560x1600 with the object in question spanning 2500px wide and 500px height, running on a core i7 high spec machine.


The tween is simply a 0.5 second tween to alpha 0 and back again.


The fade out is clearly running at around 4 to 6 frames per second.


The object that is causing the performanc issue is a wood effect complex vector (as attached). With this layer removed from the animated object performance is perfect.


I tried making the vector more simple and using optimise, with some very small improvement but nothng significant. In fact I tried making the vector 6X more complex and it was a little slower but not 6x as much.


Anyone any ideas on how to improve this.




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This seems to be a clear issue of Flash struggling to re-calculate all the vector data and render all those pixels (nothing to do with TweenLite).

I think the only solution is to convert the vector to a bitmap and/or remove the alpha fade. Alpha changes are very difficult for Flash player. 

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Hi Carl,


I wasn’t trying to criticise Greensock. I am using it for many things and it works great.


I did think of bitmap but the object changes after each fade.


I was just checking I wasnt doing anything dumb.



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