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TweenMax: Circlepath2d + TransformAroundCenter - is it possible?

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Is it possible to animate object on circle path using Circlepath2d, but also transform it around its center?


How to combine:

path = new CirclePath2D(settings.x, settings.y, radius);
path = new RectanglePath2D(setting.x, setting.y, setting.xEnd - setting.x, setting.yEnd - setting.y);
path = new LinePath2D([new Point(setting.x, setting.y), new Point(setting.xEnd, setting.yEnd)]);

follower = path.addFollower(item);
TweenMax.to(follower, settings.duration, { progress:1 } );


TweenMax.to(item, settings.duration, { transformAroundCenterStarling: { x:settings.x, y:settings.y, scale:toScale}} );
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No, sorry. 

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