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Greensock Parallax using iOS Gyroscope?

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I'm currently working on an iOS app using Flash CC and Adobe AIR and have been loving using greensock to create great tweens.. I have a shocking green membership which is great!


Anyway, the majority of the app will be using illustrations. I have split these into three layers each (background, foreground & middle) and want to use the iPad gyroscope to move these separate movieclips around the stage to give a parallax 3d effect.


Is it possible to do this using the greensock code with easing enabled? Or how complicated is it?




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First of all, thanks for being a member! 


I have never used the gyroscope, but you can tween pretty much anything, so I can't imagine it'd be a problem to use GSAP. I can't specifically show you how to tie into the gyroscope, but if you have a tweening-specific question we'd be happy to help. 

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