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issues with LiquidWrapper/LiquidStage. [SOLVED]

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Hello Jack,


I use LiquidWrapper to create a container for dynamically loaded swf pages, and use LiquidStage to keep the container of this pages well positionned on stage :


// load swf page
var tmp:MovieClip = new global_dump   as MovieClip;
var global_container:LiquidWrapper = new LiquidWrapper(null, 1024, 767, "top", "center");
addChildAt (global_container, 1);

// if the global container needs stretching
if (Capabilities.screenResolutionY < 901)
LiquidStage.stretchObject (global_container, LiquidStage.TOP_LEFT, LiquidStage.BOTTOM_RIGHT, LiquidStage.BOTTOM_LEFT, true);
} else
LiquidStage.pinObject (global_container, LiquidStage.TOP_CENTER);


I re-size the navigator window and expand/maximize it.. the classes work just fine if the pages are in the range of 1024/767px, but, when i have a page generating some objects that exceeds the original height of the page 4000/767px, then do some resizing/expanding with navigator window, all I get is a tinny page : the container forces it self to be at 1024/767px even if it contains pages that exeeds this width/height.


i hope i explained it well :)


is it possible to modify the wrapper/liquidstage class so that it takes the original width/height of the page and stay stick to it no matter how the page width/height changes?


NB: I don't want to post the fla here, so, if you want to check this example and see what it gives; use the above code to create a container, load an swf page to that contaioner, add a 5 second timer that addes big movie clips to the same loaded page, then resize/expand the window, you will see that your original page is now mimic.


thanx for reading ;)

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Hm. When I did a quick test, it seemed to work fine. Could you please put together the example FLA you described that demonstrates the problem? And what version of LiquidStage/LiquidWrapper are you using? Please make sure you're using the latest versions (LiquidStage 0.998, LiquidWrapper 0.98). FYI, I recently altered the packaging so instead of gs.utils, it's com.greensock.layout (not that it would cause the problems you described - just pointing out the change). When you post your example, please don't include the GreenSock classes.

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thank you jack for the replay.


please find attached the example I created an example for the problem above, i didn't include the scripts as requested.


i have :


liquidStage v: 0.993

liquidWrapper v: 0.96


maybe it's due to old versions of the classes !?


thank you.

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Were you expecting LiquidWrapper to allow all the extra boxes to violate its boundaries? I'm a little confused about what you believe isn't working. As the documentation indicates, LiquidWrapper forces its contents to fit within its boundaries, and it always scales them proportionally. So when your b.swf adds a bunch of boxes vertically, it makes b.swf much taller than it was before, so LiquidWrapper scales it down proportionally to fit within itself. That makes everything smaller in b.swf including the text. As far as I can tell, LiquidWrapper is doing exactly what it's supposed to (unless I'm missing something which is entirely possible - I'm a little sleep deprived).

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ok jack, thank you for your effort and time.


I didn't pay attention to the description of LiquidWrapper! it would be better if a post on the blog exist to show the use of LiquidWrapper and shade some light on it.


Thanx again.

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