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addItem adds always a second textField

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i try to create a layer manager wher i can push buttons to push selected items forward or backward on the canvas.


Now i use numChildrens() to see how many Childs are on the canvas. Then i have seen that allways i add a textField

to the Transformmanager theres another textField placed. But it is not visible.


Is it normal that Transformmanager placed always a second textField?

If i do that with movieclips this doesn´t happend.


Here is my code snippet from the function which placed a textField on the canvas:


public function textfeldPlatzieren() {

		tf = new TextField();


		trace("children1 "+leinwand.numChildren);
		for (var i:Number=0; i < leinwand.numChildren; i++)
			if(leinwand.getChildAt(i) is TextField){

				var obj = leinwand.getChildAt(i);
				trace(i+" : " + obj + " - " + obj.text);

	        trace("children2 "+leinwand.numChildren);
		trace("children3 "+leinwand.numChildren);


on trace "children2" is only one textField - on trace "children3" after addItem there is a second textField

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Yes, this is normal. It was necessary in order to get around some bugs in the Flash Player to use another TextField as a proxy of sorts. Long story, but it has to do with avoiding stretching/squishing the text and the behavior of TextField's transform.matrix property.

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so if i want to change the textfield index to build my layer management

should i change also the index from the second textfield or doesn´t it matter?

or how can i handle that? is there anybody who wrote a script/function for layer management?

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The index of the hidden TextField(s) doesn't matter at all. Feel free to move them up or down in the display list (or not).

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  • 1 month later...

ok for example:

i have two textfields on my canvas

now i want to put the selected textfield one layer behind


so i catch the index of these two textfields and swap them with swapChildrenAt(selectedChildIndex,otherChildIndex)

than the selected textfield is in the back of the other textfield -> so everything works


but if i move the selected textfield after that action -> the other textfield disapears from the canvas


what could be the mistake?

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I'd need to see an example of what you're talking about - could you post an example (do not include the TransformManager classes please). The simpler the better.

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