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why TransformManager doesn't support unicode symbols and other language chars?

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First of all, sorry for my english.


Why TransformManager hide unicode symbols (☺☹☂☃) or other languages chars like Cyrillic, or Hebrew (עברית)?


I know that Flash currenty supports unicode, you can do this in flash:

tf = new TextField();
tf.text = "☹"; 
//also works with unicode directly
tf.text = "\u263a";

Why doesn't work with TransformManager?



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I don't think it has anything to do with TransformManager specifically. It doesn't really do anything with text like that. Is there a reason you think this is a TransformManager-specific issue? 

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Oh, that has nothing to do with TransformManager - I simply didn't embed every character in that particular TextField (for file size reasons mostly). You can embed whatever characters you want in your own projects/textfields. :)

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