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liquidstage, mc displaying too low?

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I am using liquidstage to align a mc to the bottom of the stage and keep it the full width of the browser.

I have done this before, for some reason only the top part of my mc is showing when in the browser.

what am I doing wrong?

I am attaching a very simple FLA with the problem, if someone has time please publish it and see what happens.



import gs.utils.LiquidStage;///import liquid stage class
import flash.events.*;

LiquidStage.init(this.stage, 960, 600, 960, 600);
LiquidStage.pinObject(lowerLogo_mc, LiquidStage.BOTTOM_LEFT);
LiquidStage.stretchObject(lowerLogo_mc, LiquidStage.BOTTOM_LEFT, LiquidStage.BOTTOM_RIGHT, null, true);

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You should EITHER pin an object OR stretch it, not both. :)

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  • 2 months later...

I have also this issue, but the probleme I face is that, it's not happening frequently, and I can not reproduce this "bug" i noticed that a movie that i pin to the bottom center of the stage sometimes wrongly positions itself, especially when i move to other programs or open other browser tabs, but as i said, it dose'nt happen always!! and that's the bad side!


LiquidStage.pinObject (index_menu_bar, LiquidStage.BOTTOM_CENTER);


maybe its something to do with the browser itself !? is there a certain timer on liquidstage!? or it is a Flash bug!?

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