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VideoLoader loop error

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Hi there and thx for support.

Before creating a new topic I found this one http://greensock.com/forums/topic/6567-video-stop-between-loop/
but it's not exactly the same problem.


I'm loading 4 different flvs (short time each between 1 and 2 minutes)  using a LoaderMax that have to repeat indefinitly (until the user stop it of course).

After a time videos stop repeating one after the other. They are well rewinded to 1st frame but seem to not be played again.

If I wait a very long time (2h repeating) the 4 videos seem to become blocked on 1st frame.

I first tried to declare repeat property as -1 like this :

m_loader1 = new VideoLoader("flv1.flv", {name:"subCol", container:m_interface.subtileScreen, repeat:-1, width:590, height:350, autoPlay:false, visible:true });
m_loader2 = new VideoLoader("flv2.flv", {name:"subJoie", container:m_interface.subtileScreen, repeat:-1, width:590, height:350, autoPlay:false, visible:true });
m_loader3 = new VideoLoader("flv3.flv", {name:"subSur", container:m_interface.subtileScreen, repeat:-1, width:590, height:350, autoPlay:false, visible:true });
m_loader4 = new VideoLoader("flv4.flv", {name:"subTrist", container:m_interface.subtileScreen, repeat:-1, width:590, height:350, autoPlay:false, visible:true });

m_loader = new LoaderMax({name:"subtile"});


I also tried to comment repeat:-1 and handle myself play and complete events for each video like this :

m_loader1.addEventListener(VideoLoader.VIDEO_PLAY, onVideo1Play);
m_loader1.addEventListener(VideoLoader.VIDEO_COMPLETE, onVideo1End);

private function onVideo1Play(event : LoaderEvent) : void 
	trace("[log] onVideo1Play " + event.currentTarget.name + " video time " + event.currentTarget.videoTime);

private function onVideo1End(event : LoaderEvent) : void 
        trace("[log] onVideo1End " + event.currentTarget.name + " video time " + event.currentTarget.videoTime);
	m_loader1.gotoVideoTime(0, true);

And same behaviour, onVideo1End is called that rewind video to 0s, but video is not played even if forceplay = true.
However onVideo1Play is called after onVideo1End.

I think I have something wrong... 
Could you help me please ?




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A bit more information.


In my app (AIR app) when I arrive on the 4 videos screen, I play them :

public function startVideos() : void
	trace("video1 time", m_loader1.videoTime);
	trace("video2 time", m_loader2.videoTime);
	trace("video3 time", m_loader3.videoTime);
	trace("video4 time", m_loader4.videoTime);
	m_loader1.gotoVideoTime(0, true);
	m_loader2.gotoVideoTime(0, true);
	m_loader3.gotoVideoTime(0, true);
	m_loader4.gotoVideoTime(0, true);

Then when I quit this screen I pause videos and goto 0s head position :

public function stopVideos() : void

When the problem occurs, if I call stopVideos() and then startVideos(), 

videos that was blocked stay blocked on first frame and time trace instructions (inside startVideos() function) indicate a strange value 2.067 or 2.033 instead of 0.


What could explain this ?




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Sorry to hear about the troubles. 

Can you test your app running in a browser or stand-alone Flash Player / debugger... anything but AIR?

Curious to know if this happening only in AIR apps (which we consitently hear is buggy and problematic with NetStreams and such), thanks

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My app has to be an AIR app.

I solved the problem by replacing VideoLoader by FLVPlayback.


But I reduced my app to the simplest app to test it in a fla.

I don't have the time to do more tests with a standalone flash player but feel free to do it.


Here is a zip file containing test project to reproduce the bug.

The 4 flv videos are not inside (about 20Mo) but I can send to you via wetransfer.





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