Attaching tweens to each other

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I need some guidance please.


I have two animations that are working fine.


1. A submarine moving off screen and scaling down to give appearance of disappearing into the distance.


2. A repeating stream of rising bubbles.


What I need to do next, is attach the rising bubbles to the submarine so that they 'play' continuously tracking the sub and reducing in size on the same scale as the sub.


I would be grateful for guidance as to how to achieve this please.


Thanks in advance


Richard C

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Hi Richard,


Perhaps using the same tween to scale the sub and the bubbles:[submarine, bubbles], 1, {scale:0.1});

And basically the same thing to move them, assuming that you're moving the sub left to right:[submarine, bubbles], 3, {x:600});

Finally if it is possible try to create a reduce sample using codepen in order to get a better idea of what you're trying to do and how it can be solved.



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Sounds like your bubbles should probably be inside the submarine element that is being moved and scaled.

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