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Default transformOrigin

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Hi all,


It seems the default value for transformOrigin has changed (but not the documentation). It broke some of my older animations that expected the origin in the center. While TweenMax 1.11.8 was fine, my animated bicycle was shattered all over the screen with version 1.15 (or gsap/latest).


I thought I'd let you know ;)

See the Pen dkLsj by potatoDie (@potatoDie) on CodePen

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Hi PotatoDie,


Welcome to the GreenSock forums.


First, that is a great animation you made. Congrats.


The reason why things are working (or breaking in your case) a bit differently is because of recent enhancements we have made to CSSPlugin to allow for greater consistency of transformOrigin of SVG elements across browsers. 


Please be sure to read this article which explains all the details of what we are doing. http://css-tricks.com/svg-animation-on-css-transforms/(I strongly recommend you watch the video too)


I think you will find moving forward that your work is going to be MUCH easier.


Diaco offered a great fix and the animation now works in IE! 


Keep up the great work.

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