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Greensock ThrowPropsPlugin Broken on iOS

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I recently upgraded my AIR SDK to 15 and none of the UI made with the ThrowPropsPlugin seems to be working in the iOS "slow-test"/adhoc builds. TweenLite seems to be ok.


Has anyone faced a similar issue? Also, I was using DataLoader to communicate with PHP which again is not working on the above build types. (It works on "fast-test" though.)


Any idea what's happening here?



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Ok just updated my greensock swc to 12.1.5 and ThrowPropsPlugin is working fine!  :-P


However, the problem with DataLoader still continues.... Also, ImageLoader is not working either.... Any pointers to the problem?

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Glad to hear you got ThrowPropsPlugin working, and sorry to hear other things aren't working.


It is quite difficult to keep up with the bugs Adobe introduces into new versions of AIR: https://forums.adobe.com/community/labs/flashruntimes/air


I would suggest using an older version until AIR 15 becomes stable.


Also, do a simple test of using an AS3 Loader or URLLoader (no LoaderMax tools). If the problem exists in the native AS3 code please let us know and also post in the AIR bugbase.

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Yep replaced DataLoader with the traditional URLLoader and things seem to work fine... Any expected timeline to get this fixed?

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Not really sure as its tough to trouble shoot blind.

Seems Adobe is aware of some bugs with the new fast compile methods in AIR 15: http://helpx.adobe.com/air/kb/unable-update-air-mac-os1.html

Have you tried disabling that "fast-compile" mode as mentioned in this thread: http://greensock.com/forums/topic/10639-tweenlite-bug-in-air-150/?p=42405


There is always a chance there is a bug on our end, but the fact that LoaderMax code has been largely unchanged for years and now suddenly doesn't work in a new runtime just leads me to believe that their is something amiss in AIR. If there is a way to clearly identify the problem we will certainly do our best to see if there is a workaround.


The best thing to do at this point would be to produce a very simple reduced test case that clearly illustrates the issue and zip it up for us and the AIR community to explore: https://forums.adobe.com/community/labs/flashruntimes/air. I would think there have to be some professionals over there that can quickly debug such things. Honestly, we really don't do much at all with AIR / IOS. LoaderMax was crafted specifically for desktop Flash runtimes. 


Can you replicate the problem running AIR on desktop?

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Hi Carl,


Sorry for the late reply, but currently trying to submit an app on the app store. Hence, making a desktop build might be a bit difficult at this point. However, read up on some other forums and seems like the problem still exists with the air SDK .289. I am downloading the latest .302 version of the SDK. Hopefully it will sort out the problem.

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  • 1 month later...

I just updated for the last version and it's working now with Adobe Air 15 and 16 Beta.

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hi NeoSnk,


Thanks for the report. Great to know things are working for you.



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