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apply rotation to each of a dynamically generated class

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i really want to select all of a class to each be rotated:  please see the codepen


How should I do that?  Ive seen somewhere that the selector should be $(".classname") but either that is wrong or the GSAP syntax is wrong. 



grateful for help




See the Pen Lnocf by robertwebb364 (@robertwebb364) on CodePen

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BTW the codepen doesnt complete the dynamically generated ellipses, but this works on my machine. - however the animation does not. thanks

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my friend your codepen generated ellipses completely ,  but they'r out of SVG viewbox ( 800 * 800 ) , var y=900 !!!  and the syntax's correct .

See the Pen ncrFe by anon (@anon) on CodePen


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bloody hell thank you!... and was not working on desktop due to some combination of wrong syntax and mistypes... its late here.  :-P

now sorted!

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