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LoaderMax Error 2032

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I have been trying to load images using loadermax.  I have been using the ImageLoader and XMLloaders.  I have read all the as documentation and have follow the examples, when I run the application I get the error: (XMLLoader Error 2032: stream error.  I have check the file path and the AS setting to see if there were any issues, after reviewing they all seem to be correct.  Why would I be getting this error.


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Hi and welcome to the GreenSock forums.


Chances are the problem is related to something in your xml or the location of your files relative to the swf. Its impossible to tell by seeing just a  text document of your code.


If you zip your files and attach them here I'll take a look. Please include only the assets needed to replicate the problem and you don't need to include the com/greensock folder.



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Thanks for the files there were a few problems.


First, your xml file was named SLIP.xml.txt (the .txt extension was messing things up).

Next you were trying to load it from a folder called xml using this path

"xml/SLIP.xml", however your folder for the xml file is called xmlData so you need to


  • change the file name to SLIP.xml 
  • next update your XMLLoader code to

new XMLLoader("xmlData/SLIP.xml", {name:"xmlDoc", onComplete:completeHandler});


lastly in your xml file you need to add load="true" to the nodes you want to load like:


<?xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?>
<LoaderMax load="true">
<ImageLoader name = "background" url = "images/kiki_bg.jpg"/>

That should do it.

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Thank you for helping me...I will make sure that I set the correct file type.

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