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Draggable and ThrowProps Plugin for AS3

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Hi guys,


I can't seem to find Draggable & ThrowProps plugin for AS3?



Is that because there's another alternative method somewhere in the AS3 library that gets that wheel spin effect? 



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Sorry, Draggable is HTML5/JS only. However, all the fancy stuff is done with ThrowPropsPlugin which is available in AS3, and it even has a relatively new track() feature that lets you track the velocity of any property of any object, so it should make things a lot easier for you to wire up. But yes, you'd need to wire it up yourself. 


Frankly, Draggable was born simply as a way to demonstrate ThrowPropsPlugin - it wasn't intended to be an official GreenSock product but as people saw it and expressed an interest in having a tool like that in HTML5, it grew and became something much more mature that could do all sorts of things. But AS3 is a very different beast when it comes to the underlying architecture, events, touch interaction, etc. There wasn't nearly as much demand from the Flash customers, and we have limited time/resources so it isn't something we rebuilt in Flash. But again, the key component here is ThrowPropsPlugin which is available, so you can use that for sure. 

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Thanks Jack for the prompt and detailed response.

I will follow your advice and implement the feature.

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