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Michael Heuberger

How can I run multiple Tweens in parallel in a Timeline?

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Hello everyone


How can I run both Tweens in parallel?


.setTween(new TimelineMax()
.add(TweenMax.fromTo('#intro', .5, { backgroundPosition: "50% 0vh" }, { backgroundPosition: "50% 20vh" }))
.add(TweenMax.to('#intro p.hint', .5, {autoAlpha: 0}))
Been searching for clues in their APIs but found none. Thanks for a quick hint!
- Michael

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To have tweens run in parallel you need to insert them at the same point in time in the timeline.

Where a tween is inserted into a timeline is controlled via the position parameter.

You can read about this parameter in great  detail in the TimelineLite.to() docs. The position parameter is used in many other methods like from(), staggerFrom(), staggerTo(), call() and more.


In your example, you can have the second tween start at the same time as the first tween by adding it at a time of 0 like this


.add(TweenMax.fromTo('#intro', .5, { backgroundPosition: "50% 0vh" }, { backgroundPosition: "50% 20vh" }))
.add(TweenMax.to('#intro p.hint', .5, {autoAlpha: 0}), 0)


this example shows you how to have two tweens start at a time of 0 AND where a label is placed


var tl = new TimelineLite()

tl.to("#redBox", 1, {x:550})
//add second tween at time of 0 seconds
  .to("#blueBox", 1, {rotation:360}, 0)
//add a label called "end" at a time of 2 seconds
  .add("end", 2)

// add two tweens at the "end" label
  .to("#redBox", 3, {scale:2, opacity:0}, "end")
  .to("#blueBox", 3, {scale:2, rotation:0, opacity:0}, "end")
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