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Dave Stewart

Uncompressed files on cloudflare?

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Would be useful for debugging purposes to be able to link to uncompressed libraries.



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I believe they frown on that sort of thing for the CloudFlare CDN. Sorry :(

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FYI, I wanted to know what kind of object was firing a callback, but because the files were compressed, and GSAP doesn't use prototypes, and console.log() dumps generic Objects.


Setting a breakpoint and stepping into the function obviously displays minified code, which is pretty impenetrable.


Is there a way to quickly tell what object it is? Timeline or Tween?

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Hey Chryso,


Yeah, that's what I do. This was for CodePen demos, actually!

The other option of course would be to link to uncompressed files on my own site.




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I'm curious what you meant by "GSAP doesn't use prototypes" (it uses prototypes all over the place but I suspect I misunderstood what you meant). And yeah, loading files either locally or from your server is probably best because that gives you the ability to actually make edits too, dropping console.log() into various spots or whatever which you couldn't do if it was on a CDN. 


Plus the whole point of a CDN is for deployment (not development), so we want to minimize the chances of folks accidentally loading the large source files and putting a heavier burden on the CDN itself. 

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