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Found 10 results

  1. Is there a way to use the GSAP TextPlugin to animate SVG Text so that different words within one text element have different colors?
  2. I'm working on a lightweight text slider for use on WordPress sites. The slider's context appears to be an issue: on some sites, contained within a widget, the animation works perfectly. On others, using a different WP theme, when the animation runs, the "slides" do slide, but instead of sliding out of view, they just slide to the far right side of the screen, underneath the other content. The "offscreen" slides remain partially visible under that content. I am pretty sure this is concerned with the distance the "slides" move, which I'll admit I don't fully understand. The basic code was forked off of another similar pen, I think, but a long time ago. The basic issue here is that the available plugs for basic WP animation are beasts: tons and tons of code, enough to slow page loading times by many seconds. TweenLIte, of course, is extremely lightweight. I'd be grateful if someone could explain the movement pieces of this TweenLite animation, so that I could figure out where the "offscreen" slides need to "go" to remain invisible.
  3. I'm currently using GSAP TimelineMax, TweenMax etc.. in Adobe Animate cc 2017.5 (canvas) and its work well but, I need to apply GSAP TextPlugin to my Animate cc (canvas) project. I'm try to do this adding dynamic text field but its not working and following error appear in console " TypeError: b.nodeName is undefined ". Thanks.
  4. Hello guys, does anyone know a way how to reverse the textanimation using the textPlugin or SplitText in conjunction with "TimelineMax"? Wanna write some text with the textPlugin and a blinking cursor on the right and this works pretty well. But after I added the text, I wanna remove it beginning from the end, so that it looks like you're erasing the text and with the same delay until writing the text. Can't find something like a reverse-direction (feature request) for the textPlugin.. I know how to split the text-chars in divs, but I really have no idea how I can remove the last divs one after the other using "TimelineMax". (It's my first project with gsap. With jQuery and a setInterval it would be pretty simple to solve the problem, but I have no idea how it is possible to combine this solution with the "TimelineMax". Someone with an idea? Thank you and best regards, Bruno
  5. Hi, I'm working on a banner and it would be nice to update a textfield in it I used the TextPlugin with a simple syntax: .set(cta, {text:"Découvrez granini<br>orange"}) But it doesn't work, so I tried in codepen and there it works! So that's why I'm not linking a codepen in this post, because I can make it work on codepen, but not in my local file, can someone look at the html attached and check if you see something, I'm turning nuts here and just can't see why it work on codepen and not in my banner. Thank you granini_breakfast_300x600_FR.zip
  6. Hi, if i include a simple html tag like <b> in my TextPlugin command, like this ...: TweenLite.to(yourElement, 2, {text:"This is the <br>new</b> text", ease:Linear.easeNone}); the "new" text will be displayed bold, BUT for a short period of time the <b> and </b> tag is visible (before it disappears). Is there a way to make html tags NOT be visible? Thank you!
  7. newlearner

    how to move text

    Trying to build the animation where in for every anniversary the image animates, and name list should show 1 by 1, and as the enxt name comes, the previous name should drop down. and when the complete cycle completes, the animation should display the image on the left, and names on the right. I have got the animation, and text showing up. Need help on how to proceed by displaying all the names one by one. also, if i can read a file with the names that would be great. to start with display names one by one and as the next name is read, the first name should move 1 row down and similar for the 3rd name and so on.i have attached an image which i expect should be looking as.
  8. Hello everyone, I've just started learning GSAP and jQuery today with the help of ihatetomatoes and this excellent forum. I'm trying to make a hover-able floor plan map that displays information on the currently-hovered room. So far in my proof-of-concept, I have implemented this using TweenMax's hover and TextPlugin. I just have a question about implementing the rest of the map. Instead of individually making a separate function for each block, is there a more elegant way to implement an array so that when you hover over a shape, it changes hoverText to an assigned message? I also plan to have buttons to switch between floors of the building, but I'm assuming that won't affect how the array should be constructed. Thank you very much for the help, and apologies if there's unnecessary fluff in my codepen.
  9. I'm trying to come up with a lightweight "news ticker" type of animation. Just maybe 2 different lines of text, one replacing the other in a loop. No problem with the looping or the use of the TextPlugIn. But the docs allude to how one can create custom delimeters to change the way the animation works with the text. I've played around with the jQuery news tickers out there, but thus far, none of them seem to work reliably in the context of a client's e-commerce site, which apparently was constructed by someone who had no real concept of good HTML5 coding practice. I have a different TweenMax animation running on that site now, so it wouldn't be an issue to just write a different TweenMax animation - it just works. How do custom delimeters for theTextPlugIn work? TIA!
  10. Do I need to include something else? Is this just not implemented yet? (changing the text letter by letter is exactly what I'm looking for!) Thanks -az