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Found 8 results

  1. Good morning, I'm making a project with Angular 5 and I've imported GSAP along with TimelineMax but I can't seem to get CustomEase to work. The terminal doesn't give me errors but when I load the page in the browser I get the "Error: CustomEase is not defined" Can someone explain me the exact procedure to import and use CustomEase? Maybe I'm missing something.
  2. Hello, I downloaded GSAP libraries and I tried dealing with CustomEase.js. I've imported it together with jQuery and TweenMax but I got this errore in console: "Uncaught ReferenceError: CustomEase is not defined". What's the problem? Thanks.
  3. Hello! I was wondering if it's possible (or if it already exists) to embed the GSAP CustomEase visualizer onto another page (was thinking a chrome extension)? Or if its hosted by itself somewhere? I find it to be a bit of a hassle to always go to the https://greensock.com/ease-visualizer page. You have to wait for it to load etc. It would be nice if we could have the ease visualizer to play around with. Thank you!
  4. I recently started messing with the CustomEase plugin and I love the freedom to adjust, however I'm finding it difficult to get precisely what I want which is basically 2 presets merged together. Using the visualizer on this page https://greensock.com/customease it seems you can only select one preset, then switch to Custom and adjust it from there. Just wondering is there any way I can select an easeIn say for "Power3" and an easeOut for "Back" and get it to come out as a nice mix of the two? When I adjust the points myself it just doesn't seem quite as smooth. Thanks!
  5. The animation in the Codepen ends using a staggerTo animation. Some info regarding the codepen: It uses the data object to store each tween's settings. There are 2 ways of running the animation: Directly and from the stored data (see above) The initial animation (what I'm calling the direct animation) runs when the page loads and if you click the REPLAY button. Each time it rebuilds using some random settings so runs a little different each time. When you click the PLAY FROM DATA button, I run a function that I'm using in my local app called getGsapData to snag all the data from the timeline and then pass that data to an animateFromData function to exactly replicate what was created randomly. (I have to be able to store the data in a file locally so can't just store the timeline itself. ) THE ISSUE is that when the direct animation runs, the ending staggerTo animation seems to animate each of the items out all at once. But, when you run the animation from the storedData, it seems to animate off the way it's meant to work - staggered. I've been trying to figure out what's different between the 2 for two solid days. Can any of you guys (most of whom are much smarter than me) possibly figure out what the deal is? I can change the staggerTo params in the initial animation and it doesn't seem to change the way the animation runs on REPLAY. The animation data gets sent to a textarea and prints as a pretty json string for perusal. So sorry for the complexity of the codepen but for what I'm attempting to do, I didn't see much I could do to both replicate the issue and simplify the example. I actually did remove quite a bit of stuff.
  6. I'm working on a project where we use TS and would like to add the CustomEase lib. We have added the GSAP through NPM and since CustomEase isn't part of it for some reason I have hard time to find a way to get it working. The error i recive is: !!! ERROR: browserify: Cannot find module '../TweenLite.js' from '/Users/myuser/Projects/myproject/src/ts'
  7. Hi there, I have the following SVG path data that I wish to use as a CustomEase. However, I think that CustomEase might not be properly normalizing this path: M16,350C17.6667,361.8333,18.2157,421,26,421 When pasted into the Ease Visualizer, this is the result: This SVG path data was generated by my new ae-ease-to-gsap-customease script, so it's possible that my script just hasn't generated the correct SVG path data. However, it certainly looks correct, which is why I'm currently suspecting that this might be an issue in CustomEase. Thanks for your time, Alex EDIT: For additional context, here's what this curve looks like in AfterEffects:
  8. Hi, I have a bezier curve generator that generates a bezier curve in terms of x and y coordinates. I want to input that generated bezier curve in the CustomEase GSAP function but I don't know What the values of s, cp, e represent in the CustomEase function. Can you guide me What the values s, cp, e represent in CustomEase and How are they calculated ?