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  1. Banner backup images

    Indeed. Would you be able to develop this? Some kind of app that distils the last frame of for example an Animate animation?
  2. Banner backup images

    Great, thanks Emmanuelullo!
  3. Banner backup images

    Hi all, This isn't really Greensock-related but I was wondering how you guys create backup images for banners, you know those 40k backup images that are needed when JS is disabled on the browser for example. I mostly use Animate CC (in combo with TweenMax of course) and how I do it now is right clicking on the banner (the canvas object) in Chrome once the banner reached its end and then saving it as a PNG, and then also mostly compressing it afterwards in Photoshop as a JPG to get it under 40k. Are there better practices or tools that can automate this? This is really time consuming. Thanks! Nicolas
  4. Scale Three JS object with Tweenmax

  5. Scale Three JS object with Tweenmax

    Hi I would like to tween the scale of an array of Three JS objects. I am able to do this on requestAnimationFrame, but I would like to use Tweenmax: for ( var i = 0; i < meshes.length; i ++ ) { meshes.scale.x = meshes.scale.y = meshes.scale.z = boost; } Any idea how to? Thanks!
  6. Background images not animating smoothly in IE

    Thanks Jonathan, you rock!
  7. Background images not animating smoothly in IE

    Thanks Jonathan, I know the force3d property and how IE handles SVG's but that doesn't help. I've set up a codepen to demonstrate: Please check on IE10 and up. Thanks!
  8. Background images not animating smoothly in IE

    Thanks guys, here is an example: In the second frame all bitmaps get jittery when slowly upscaling, from IE10 and up. Thanks
  9. Hi When I scale-tween divs with background images in them these will not run smoothly in IE. Any fixes for this, or is t just the way IE renders background images? Thanks Nicolas
  10. Scaling SVG blurry

    Thanks Jonathan, I just added force3D:false and it works perfectly now! This is my code:"#logowrapper", 8, {scale:8, ease:Sine.easeIn, delay:.5, force3D:false}); Thanks again!
  11. Scaling SVG blurry

    Hi First of all, an other big up to the greensock team for their excellent work, I am so happy my transition to HTML was hassle-free thanks to tweenmax! When I upscale an SVG the SVG gets blurry while tweening. When it has finished tweening it gets crisp again. Any workarounds? Example: Thanks Nicolas
  12. Hover effect

    Thanks Rodrigo! I just changed the css:'background-size:1px 10px' to backgroundSize:'20px 1px' and that does the job!
  13. Hover effect

    Hi I would like to create an effect where on hover on a span class with text in it, a line under the text gradually 'grows' underneath it. Like an underlined text, where the underline increases in width. Here's the css: .border { background-image: url('img/border.jpg'); background-size: 0px 1px; background-repeat: no-repeat; } Here's the HTML: <span class='border'>my link</span> And here's the (simplified) JS: var textLinks = $('.border'); textLinks.each(function(index) { var targetItem = textLinks.eq(index); targetItem.on("mouseenter", function(event) { TweenLite.killTweensOf(targetItem);, 1, {css:'background-size:10px 1px', ease:Sine.easeOut}); }); targetItem.on("mouseleave", function(event) { TweenLite.killTweensOf(targetItem);, 1, {css:'background-size:0px 1px', ease:Sine.easeOut}); }); }); On mouseenter everything works fine, the line animaties. On mouseleave however nothing happens (although the mouseleave event is triggered when I log it in my console). Anyone knows what the problem is? Thanks.
  14. Overwrite problem

    Thanks Jamie, that works!
  15. Overwrite problem

    Hi Here's my JS: var del = 0; divs = $('.nav'); for(ind in divs){ del+=.1; div = divs[ind]; var target = div;, 1, {css:"opacity:1", delay:del, ease:Sine.easeOut, overwrite:"none"}); } and CSS: .nav { color:#000; font-family: 'custom', helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 4.25em; opacity:0; } Problem: the tweens overwrite each other, resulting in this 'graded' effect attached (half opacities). What am I doing wrong? I want all divs to tween to an opacity of 1. Thanks!