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  1. Thank you very much!! It's working. I was using the npm ES Module. I assume I should use the .min.js version of each of the plugins? Thank you again. My best, Bobby
  2. "Is the path to your local file accurate?" Yes. Tested. " ES module instead of ES5 [?] I only know one file. The single, solidary link provided by GS. Can you explain the diff and how to use each and when and why? " Is there a reason you're not using the minified file (CustomEase.min.js)? " There is only one download from your site. I don't have access to CustomEase.min.js and would not know where to find it!?? The download is named : The sub-dir is on my system and it is valid and proven. Can I suggest the we focus on the only delta; linked code vs downloaded code which have different names evidenced by questions concerning file names and "minified" etc. I was not provided a choice of "minified" and not. I have only one file provided by GSAP. That is the starting point for solving the issue. Can you provide me a link to the minified (possibly working) version of CustomEase?? Many thanks, Bobby
  3. Thanks for your reply and help. I created a CodePen which, of course, runs fine. When I take that same code and replace this link: with it does not run. The only variable here, it seems, is the CustomEase code base I downloaded and the link to a different code base online. Everything else is constant. Thanks again for your help. Regards, Bobby
  4. This is the <head> of my project. The <body> contains an <svg> block.
  5. "CodeEase" was a "senior moment." 8-)) Sorry. The link is this: And the I consume the library as: (Ellipse (...) to shorten sample.) This is the line where things circle the drain. Thanks very much for your help. Regards, Bobby
  6. I am attempting to make use of CustomEase. I get an that CodeEase is undefined. The link is good because in VSCode a Ctrl+Click opens the file. I am linking as a src of a <script> tag. Any advice greatly appreciated!
  7. I am looking forward to upgrading to the "Club" Wednesday when I get my SS money. I will have access to SplitText and more. Thank you for your advice. My best, Bobby
  8. Thanks for the info. It seems I need to create multiple in-line svgs and animate each one. Any advice as to going down this road? I really want to animate type (any typeface or character) to the hilt. Thanks, Bobby
  9. In the CodePen, rotation and rotationZ seem to behave the same. So do X and Y as they do nothing except the transposition (move.) I am convinced I am missing something here, but, can't figure it out. Try changing rotation to rotationZ and rotationY and rotationX in the CodePen to see what I think I'm seeing. Thank you!
  10. ...and we would become the animation as it consumes us.
  11. I agree. I don't need MSVS for web stuff. However, I've always loved MS code editors starting with MASM and Visual C and on and on. I installed VSCode and was looking for some GSAP support...debugger, ed. extention, etc. I love GSAP! My best, Bobby
  12. Thank you very much for the tip. I currently use Dreamweaver and I'm very UNHAPPY with it's performance and age. It's part of my Adobe CC Suite. Given the name is VSCode can I surmise that is like the Visual Studio editor I've used for years? I am going to check out VSCode. Thanks again.
  13. Bobby Ballard


    I came across the phrase " snapping, clamping, wrapping " and wonder where I can find definitions for each? Do they relate to squash & stretch, anticipation or other classic animation constructs? My best, Bobby Ballard
  14. Thanks very much for your help along with Shaun. It's moving. Thanks again. Regards, Bobby Ballard
  15. I'm starting at the beginning with GSAP just to make sure I've got everything configured correctly and I'm understanding what I'm trying to do (highly unlikely.) Any help with getting the red ball with a black border moving would be greatly appreciated. There's a CodePen under my name. Regards, Bobby Ballard