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  1. Haha, that's me looking for the missing comma, lol!
  2. I have a lot of experience with Flash back in the day. I would love to use Animate CC, unfortunately, I cannot justify the subscription until I have a steady amount of work coming in. I downloaded GWD yesterday and I'm gonna start playing with it.
  3. Marlon

    Box Flip effect

    Thanks guys for the tip!
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome. I'm well versed with HTML and CSS. I just hack my way through JavaScript by looking at the code, trying to make sense of it and playing around with it until it works. But I won't be able to do it from scratch. I'm gonna have to dive in, GSAP is too irresistible!
  5. Is it possible for me to progress in GSAP? Or do I have to learn Javascript first? I'm starting to get more and more banner work even though I don't know JS.
  6. Wow! completely blown away by all the work! How do you guys keep the images so crisp? Do you build the ads on bigger resolution then resize to final spec?
  7. Marlon

    Box Flip effect

    Hello, I'm a total noob with GSAP and javascript. I was wondering if there is a similar function to replicate the effect on the pen. The flipping box will contain an image and flip to the next image, and so on...