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  1. yup, thats exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!
  2. I guess it is working the way I would expect it to work... but the issue now is that when it goes back to original (aka closes), the content just pops in. Trying to make it fade in, but struggling. tried TweenLite.to(toHero.children, 2, { autoAlpha: 1 }); on the onComplete, but that didn't work. Guess it's just my lack of knowledge about how it's working.
  3. That seems to work when it zooms, but how do I get it so it does the reverse when it goes back to it's original?
  4. So I was able to get it close using the example... but the contents of the cloned is showing backwards (because of the flip). I tried to add a backface-visibility but that caused some animation issues on the close. Im not exactly sure how to solve this. Ideally nothing but the container would be shown, so maybe a quick fade on the .inner contents but for some reason Im having a brain fart on how to do that here. How do you select a objects child inside the tween? Example.
  5. I'll just have to convert it so it doesn't need babel. lol I'll come back if I need help (which is likely because I don't know how to use GS very well at all. Ive just been tasked with a whole lot of advanced animations, with not a lot of time to do them. Im kinda throwing mud at the wall and seeing what sticks.
  6. I have been tasked with making multiple divs on click/tap, flip like a card, and then expand to full screen with different content in it. I found this through my searching on how to do this: https://codepen.io/osublake/pen/WwgQEV but seeing how it was made almost a 2 and a half years ago, I assume there were some changes to the GS libraries. Is there a better/more effecient way to do this effect than the code that is on the codepen?
  7. Does the permanent license not afford unlimited use for $750, or am I not understanding it correctly. As for the paying, it's not really up to me so technically I don't care. I'm just trying to get all the information to give to my client. I just don't know yet if the client has an appetite for paying for the plugins use or wants me to change the design to something I can do with pure CSS. Just depends on how much they want that curve. lol I would love to be able to use the plugins I need, but its not up to me. I love the features of it though
  8. Is there an option for a single pay for the plugins?
  9. So there is no way to do this without those paid for plugins?
  10. No wonder I couldn't find a download. What would I need that plugin to accomplish. Also how would I control the bar progress using a percentage?
  11. The path is very much a SVG. I will look into this, and I am sure I will have many questions as I do.
  12. I am doing a bit of research on how to do something in a webpage. I have a progress bar with a curve that I need to animate in steps. In short, a user is going to be answering a bunch of questions and as they answer the bar will animate a little to it's next step along the path and continue on until the end. Is this possible with GreenSock and if so, what specifically in GS product line do you think I would need to utilize? Thanks