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  1. nicoladelazzari

    Ease not working

    Hi guys! Why Tween is not easing? I'm struggling on it! Tnx
  2. nicoladelazzari

    Using ScrollToPlugin on wheel event with ease

    Hi guys! I'm trying to use ScrollToPlugin on a wheel event to move the page on a specific point. The issue appear when I try to add some ease. With ease Tween wait for the end of the event wheel and doesn't start at the start of the event. Beside without ease tween start when wheel event is fired. Tween without ease Tween with ease Thanks!
  3. nicoladelazzari

    Timeline fail with PIXI filter animations

    Fixed.. Timeline was in paused mode
  4. nicoladelazzari

    Timeline fail with PIXI filter animations

    Hi guys! I have some problem tring to animate some PIXI filters inside a timeline with other dom element animations. I provide a pen with an example of slider. My goal is to animate blur filter and dom element in the same timeline. The problem is that in swap Timeline tween with dom element tween doesn't start. swap .fromTo(blurFilter, SWAPTIME, { blur: 10 }, { blur: 0, yoyo: true }) .fromTo(canvasContainer, SWAPTIME, { scale: 1 }, { scale: 1.1, yoyo: true }) Any suggestions? Thank you