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  1. Help with rotation and transformorigin

    I think a problem is that you are setting the x and y to -100%. The transformOrigin of an element is always relative to where it is naturally in its "un-transformed" state. With out any prior transforms what you want to do is pretty straightforward: Visit: Scroll to the section named Challenge: set transformOrigin without unsightly jumps Watch the video and and demo. They demonstrate how DOM elements make it very problematic to alter / track the transformOrigin once an element has been transformed. with smoothOrigin for SVG we are able to overcome that weirdness. It can all be kind of confusing, but my advice is to not do any transforms before the element rotates in. Position your elements so that you can just have them rotate in and out as shown in my demo by just moving the transformOrigin relative to the natural state of the element. In my demo the "natural state" of the green div is where it is when the k is upright.
  2. Uncaught Cannot add undefined

    timdt from your side question it looks like you might need 1 staggerFrom() for the x and another simultaneous staggerTo() for the opacity. Maybe something like this: EDIT: just saw that you did have a demo
  3. Uncaught Cannot add undefined

    Nice work, Jonathan. Thanks!
  4. GreenSock circles go around :)

    Nice! Thanks for sharing. I couldn't help but see what it would look like with them overlapping
  5. multiple yoyo mc in a timeline

    hmm, from what you describe that doesn't sound like it should be an issue. It would be great if you could provide a very simple demo with as little code and assets in it as possible to illustrate what isn't working.
  6. Positive and negative points of Greensock

    Hi Aniek6, Thanks for coming by and asking your question. Asking people around here what they dislike about GSAP is probably similar to asking a 5-year old what they dislike about dessert As you can see we have some very loyal and generous friends around here – who are contractually bound to never speak ill of GSAP (kidding). In all seriousness, I encourage you to share with us any negative comments you find out there. We've found most of them to be misconceptions or innocent oversights. We'd love the opportunity to address them. In case you missed it, our Why GSAP article does our best to illustrate the strengths of GSAP. Check it out:
  7. Thanks for the clarification. Yeah, that's definitely a challenge. Not something I can whip up quickly for sure. Might be worthwhile to study a single particle-emitter and then see if its something that can be replicated and control by your sound wave input As always, @OSUblake has something worth looking at
  8. Timeline - call/pause/resume

    Yup, PointC is exactly right. Those functions were just creating timelines instantly. your myTimeline has no idea what your external functions are doing when you call them. As he said, you need the timelines those functions create to be returned and added to myTImeline. Once you wrap your head around that concept (which can be difficult at first) you'll really appreciate the conveniences that this technique yields. Definitely watch BOTH videos in this article we just put up on CSS-Tricks as it explains in details how to create functions that return timelines and the many benefits. The first video features an an animation designed and built by a real pro who is also quite the gentleman
  9. Inconsistency between Draggable, ScrollTo & Timeline

    Nice work on getting the swipe direction in there as Sahil suggests. Unfortunately I think the way things are setup is going to eventually just cause more and more problems like this. You have a tweens that happen when you click the buttons, tweens and a timeline and Draggable all sort of fighting for control of the scrollTo value. At some point there is going to be a conflict that either ends up in tweens getting overwritten (killed) or the thing flying off in some unexpected direction. I really can't go through it all and show you how to set it all up, because its not exactly simple (or quick) to do it all the right way. However, Blake has a demo with all this stuff figured out, plus seamless looping and autoplay. The only thing he doesn't have is navigation buttons for each slide. Or you may want to start with something simpler and try to add drag controls. @Diaco has some great examples vertical drag
  10. Great job, @Dipscom May the thunder roar loudly on you today and rain many points of the brownie!
  11. Thanks for the demo. @Dipscom's advice seemed to make the error a bit less likely but not totally bullet-proof. We will have to investigate where the negative numbers are coming from.
  12. This is a great use for the EaselPlugin which allows you to tween frames in a MovieClip var tl = new TimelineMax({repeat:1, yoyo:true});, 1, {x:300}) .to(this.numbers, 1, {easel:{frame:32}})// tween the numbers mc to frame 32 for 1 second .to(this.numbers, 1, {x:200}) I attached a scrappy FLA to illustrate You just need to load TweenMax and the EaselPlugin
  13. My Timeline is not looping from the beginning

    @PointC, thanks. My first animation was probably a blue box moving across the screen, but that one was the first I would actually show people
  14. My Timeline is not looping from the beginning

    Hi and welcome to the GreenSock forums, Did you get this sorted out? The animation looked good to me. When it repeated it looked the same as the first iteration. Is it something subtle I'm missing? Impressive ollie! BTW a skateboard animation was the first thing I did in Flash a million years ago