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  1. animating scale and opacity

    Luaskaaspary, I'm guessing your post above where you just quote jamie's answer from 5 years ago was a mistake. If you have an actual question please let us know, otherwise I'll delete it. no biggie.
  2. Is replacing Enter_Frame Event listener with Greensock Faster?

    From what I can tell there would be no benefit to using your second method. Calling a function every 1000th of a second isn't going to get you more visual updates than ENTER_FRAME.
  3. gsap animation for Facebook ads?

    Correction: If you use GSAP and AS3 scripting then you get great video exports from Animate CC. It doesn't appear that video export works for scripted animations with canvas / javascript.
  4. animating css transform stutters on first execution

    It appears to me that using TweenMax to handle the scaling of the object removes that little glitch on initial run. Does that work better for you?
  5. gsap animation for Facebook ads?

    Yeah, Facebook doesn't do anything with HTML5 ads, but you can use video. Animate CC does a great job of exporting scripted GSAP animations as video without dropping any frames.
  6. Craig, was right. the all knowing Oracle of CSS made it look easy
  7. Vertical mousemove scroller

    Thanks for the demo. Every animation (tween or timeline) has a progress() which you can control You can use your mouse position to change the progress value. I just dropped something in quick to give you an idea. You may have to tweak the value to your liking. Notice how the word test spins when you move your mouse
  8. Question: How create a conditional TimeLine?

    yeah, like Blake said, a demo would really help. For instance just looking at this.superTL.add(TL2.start, 2) we have no idea what TL2 is. I would assume it is a timeline but timeline's don't have a start method, so we then have to guess that TL2 is a custom object that you created with a start method but we don't know what TL2.start() returns. And unfortunately one assumption leads to another and its difficult to offer any real actionable advice without a simple, reduced demo that we can edit. I'm sure once you have a demo running we'll be able to figure it out.
  9. It is possible to dispose() slowly?

    Hi lwmirkk, Having trouble understanding your reply, but just to be clear, mostly all of our AS3 tools have been converted to JavaScript for HTMl5 projects and are being used on over 3 million sites. So if you need to do scripted animation in JavaScript, you can use all your GreenSock knowledge and get amazing results. If you are asking about another tool that someone else makes for scripted animation for AS3, no, I don't think anyone is investing time or money in that, but I haven't paid attention to the AS3 world for many years.
  10. How have you used GreenSock?!

    Ha, good one Blake. Or what if you open the demo in multiple tabs! --- side note --- There is a Tesla dealership in my local mall and I popped my head in with the family as we were shopping this weekend. I'm really not a Tesla fanboy or anything but figured I'd take a peek. My goodness, the seats in the model S are amazing! Totally crazy that a sedan can do 0-60 in 2 seconds (which is faster than any production crotch rocket). Did a little more research when I got home and the 2020 Roadster will do 0-60 in 1.9 and they are using GSAP:
  11. TweenMax.staggerTo and pause

    It's a great suggestion. I just cracked open the docs to make a note and noticed that TweenMax.staggerTo(), staggerFrom(), and staggerFromTo() already address this: There's a chance Jack may have added it over the weekend or maybe you just missed it. Either way, thanks for the suggestion. Let us know if there is a way to make it more clear.
  12. Responsive tweens with function-based values

    Great demo, Blake. Very clever and cool!
  13. How have you used GreenSock?!

    Cool idea to start this thread, Shaun. Thanks for sharing. -- in another thread Jack mentioned Tesla was a GreenSock user, but wasn't sure if that was in the cars or not. Hey Craig. Yeah, for some reason everyone assumes cars. I imagine you saw the synchronized landings of Falcon Heavy's side boosters. If you study the control room photos you'll find that it wasn't nearly as complicated as one would have guessed!
  14. ModifiersPlugin not working on scale?

    Great note, Craig. Its worth repeating that all the hard work that you and the other moderators and contributors do makes it possible for Jack to improve the codebase. Its amazing that we have such great people around that go above and beyond.
  15. target random DOM elements properly

    nice one craig. I deeply regret my lack of gif