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  1. Hi, thank you very much. For now, I go with the function-based value, works perfectly. I also tried the 1.20.4 beta, it worked fine with integers, but breaks when decimal numbers are used: TweenMax.js:7033 Error: <stop> attribute offset: Trailing garbage, "36.5.%". Maybe that's an issue... Thanks again, Becca
  2. Thanks! I fixed my code, but there is still no percent suffix while the tween is going on.
  3. Hi there, I am relatively new to gsap so I hope my question isn't too dumb I would like to change the offset values of multiple color-stops in a svg gradient with staggerTo. The problem is, during the tween the percent suffix is missing. According to AttrPlugin Docs it should be possible. When I use the To-Tween, everything works perfectly, but not with staggerTo. Please have a look at my pen. Thanks for any help, Becca