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  1. smallio

    Get drag force

    @jesper.landberg no doubt I'll catch it on Awwwards all the best man!
  2. smallio

    Get drag force

    Another great thread! @jesper.landberg Love your work man Seen a few things on codepen recently... not to mention how juicy the Asaro site is!
  3. smallio

    getBoundingClientRect & gsap

    Precisely this, aha Funnily enough this was the pen that I was trying to find... it's buried somewhere on my codepen likes! Thank's for the help @mikel
  4. smallio

    getBoundingClientRect & gsap

    Hi all, Interesting little problem here. I'm trying to make each white box perfectly align with the left edge, centred on the y axis & expand to half the viewport. The problem happens when I change the box height/width it then messes up the rect properties & thus, throws the whole thing out (tried a second delayed timeline as well!). Assuming this will be an easy fix tomorrow, 3am coding always ends up being way less productive then a good nights sleep & a fresh mind. Just thought I'd throw it up here anyway & hear everyone's 2¢. All the best, Smallio (view fullscreen for this one)
  5. smallio

    Moving objects to same coordinates

    @PointC Oh nice, I hadn't thought of doing it that way.
  6. smallio

    Moving objects to same coordinates

    @Sahil Thank's for the demo Very interesting, will have a go at this later on!
  7. smallio

    Additive animation

    This is such an awesome read guys, props to all of you. Miles away from what I can do, but I'm super inspired reading through all these examples. 😍
  8. smallio

    Moving objects to same coordinates

    Hi guys, Hope everyone has had a productive week! Messing around with some practice animations today & I couldn't help but wonder how one would move multiple objects to the same position, even if they are in different positions on the page. My guess is storing the end x/y positions in variables & then tweening to that? I've done the values manually (very rough) but nevertheless, I'd love to know how all of you would go about such a thing. Secondly, I was thinking about was how you would then time them so the furthest one still looks the same ease as the closest one. Will have a shot at that now, assuming it's just a bit of division for that part. Cheers, Smallio
  9. smallio

    Update anchors on scroll

    Great example. Thank's @PointC! Will give this a shot now Cheers, Smallio
  10. smallio

    Update anchors on scroll

    Hi guys, I've always found animating anchor links with CSS very laborious, however up until now it's been a bit too complex for me to do it with GSAP. I've decided to take a shot at it & have so far I've spliced together an example with fullpage.js & one of @OSUblake pens. At the moment the nav dots work on click, however I'm stuck updating them via scroll. My idea was to use the if statements but so far no cigar. Any ideas how this would be done in tandem? Cheers, Smallio
  11. smallio

    Tabs + Timelines

    Ah awesome thank you! I'm working through understanding all of it & then i'll see what I can do. Cheers, Smallio
  12. smallio

    Split text delay issue

    @Carl @Jonathan Thanks for the info guys. We actually managed to fix it by storing each split.chars in an array and looping through it with the index! A little trick @PointC showed me a few weeks ago. I'm now going to do the same with timelines & see how much I can learn. Really appreciate the examples Carl, we'll be studying these. Cheers!
  13. smallio

    Tabs + Timelines

    @PointC Aha, I've been lurking Hope you are well! A few points in response... a) this is exactly what I need!! ... however somewhat complex to learn from, do you have any previous versions where it's trimmed down slightly? If not don't worry! b) how would one treat each timeline separately so you can have different items on each page but still navigate? I plan to have a few core elements stay the same from page to page, but everything else changing. Does that get a lot more complex? Thanks
  14. smallio

    Tabs + Timelines

    Trying to learn a bit about more about complex animation. I've setup a little tab example here. Each section has a background & I'd trying to fade that in, once it's ready. I'm trying to start the correct timeline for the page, if a timeline is already playing it needs to reverse it & play the new one. Sounds super easy, but I've been stuck on the logic for a while now lol. Seems like I need to figure out how to attach a letter or number to each link & have it correspond to timelines. How would one go about doing this? Perhaps someone could show me with different coloured boxes or something? Cheers, Smallio
  15. smallio

    Slide Transitions

    @mikel Brilliant, thank you. I was closer then I thought! I tried using it outside the function and it didn't work. How does the set not effect the current box when it's used in the function? Cheers, Smallio