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  1. Loops and arrays in TweenMax?

    Hey thank you for your help! I was working on it and I got a new question. I want to animate text with little quares and therfore I think I need an array for every letter (little quares in it) and then another array with the letters. I've tried it often but I don't know how to connect the arrays. Or is there an easier way to animate them with functions or something else because I also want to move the letters later. Annika
  2. Loops and arrays in TweenMax?

    Thank you both a lot! That was very helpful! @Sahil is there a possibility that I don't have to write the startpoint (var demos = [{ x: 0, y: 0 }, { x: 0, y: 0 }];) in your code again? Because it is always the same.
  3. Loops and arrays in TweenMax?

    Hey everyone, I am working on a project for university and there is one thing in p5js where I don't know how to do it. I want to move two rectangles from the same place to two different places. (Because I like to move later lots of rectangles I want to create a loop and put the x and y values in a array. Thank you Annika This is my js-code in p5js: var demos = {x:300, y:-30}; var placeX = [0,200]; var placeY = [10,300]; var i = 0; function setup() { createCanvas(400, 400); for(i=0; i<2;i++){ var tween = new TweenMax(demos, 1, {x:placeX, y:placeY, ease:Power1.easeOut}); } } function draw() { background(220); fill(200,20,150); noStroke(); for(i=0; i<2;i++){ rect(demos.x, demos.y, 30, 30); } }