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    Bezier ending point

    I was trying do that with absolute, but something gone wrong. But now it works, thanks for your help! Even tho my questions is kinda not about tweenmax, actually. Anyway, thank you!
  2. Yaaaaar

    Bezier ending point

    Hello everyone! I had a question about ending point of bezier curve. If I'm using x and y properties in bezier function, my balls fly much further than the point(x:1073, y:0) I indicated with each execution of function. When I'm using left and top properties balls fly specifically to this point(left:1207, top: 100) constantly, but i can't use that, because i have a checkFirst fucntion, which is using left property to compare. I tried to use _gsTransform.x, but this is not a option, because for each element it's the same. Could you help me with that, please? Thanks!
  3. Yaaaaar

    TweenMax.to doesn't working

    I didn't even think about it, thank you very much for the quick response. Problem solved, you guys are awesome!
  4. Yaaaaar

    TweenMax.to doesn't working

    I call a function when im clicking on button, that's correct. On first click everything is working correct, but when i'm clicking second time ball that moved to the end does not move to the left. So question is why it isn't moving at second click?
  5. Yaaaaar

    TweenMax.to doesn't working

    So, hello everyone. I'm new to all this and i don't know why ball with class "first" isn't moving to left on 2nd click of my button. Would you help me with that, please?