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  1. Vertical mousemove scroller

    Hi guys. I made a pen with vertical scroll. What I want to achieve is a smooth scroll and and animation to start form top and end at bottom of the screen like in this example: http://ultra.studio/ Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. Hover text rotator

    Thank you Sahil. You always save me! Cheers!
  3. Hover text rotator

    Hi, I try to create an effect like in this example but mine have some bugs on fast hover in and out. Ex: http://m2hagency.com/carprice *** Scroll to the bottom page. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Follow button effect

    Thank you Sahil. Now I'm able to apply parallax effect to multiply elements with the same class without duplicate the same function! Thank you again!
  5. Follow button effect

    I've made a codepen test: Here is the example: https://bullyingandbehavior.com/ When you move the mouse over the left bottom link, the circle scale up and align with the arrow. When you move the cursor over the arrow, the circle parallax it with the arrow. The same effect I want to create. Thanks in advance for help!
  6. Follow button effect

    Hey Sahil, Can you help me to achieve this effect on mouse move and mouse enter ball-circle like in this example: https://bullyingandbehavior.com/ Make hover over the burger, audio bars and arrow on left-bottom. Thank you in advance
  7. Follow button effect

    Hi Sahil, If I use this burger menu on a fixed header and page has scroll then is a problem. Do you know how to fix it? Thank you!
  8. Full Screen Background tilt

    Hi Sahil, One more request if you are kind, please. How can I make cursor like this with the transform on mousedown. See this example: https://www.rainforestfoods.com/experience/#!/slide-water Thank you very much!
  9. Full Screen Background tilt

    Sahil, thank you again!!!
  10. Full Screen Background tilt

    Hi, I've tried to make this effect for a fullscreen background image, but the movement was not fluid. Does everyone know how to do a similar effect for bg images like in this example? https://www.videinfra.com/ Thank you!
  11. Follow button effect

    If I use multiple buttons inside a slider, the first is ok, the second move double size, the this move triple size. Updated: Solved
  12. Follow button effect

    Thank you Sahil, This is what I was looking for. Thank you again!
  13. Follow button effect

    Hi everyone, Could someone help me, I want to make a button effect like in this example. Please see the top-left circle menu: http://www.superbeparis.com/#!/ On mouse enter button follow the mouse and scale and on mouse leave animate to the initial position. Thank you guys