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    Counting from 1 to millions - add commas

    Hi Sahil, Thank you very much, it is much appreciated. i will try to keep it more relevant! Thanks!
  2. jack challenger

    Counting from 1 to millions - add commas

    Hi, I am counting from 1 to a number as follow, and I was wondering how one would go about putting thousands decimals or space into the number. So that it reads like "6,340,874"? function cx() { var counter = { var: 0 }; var tal = document.getElementById("cx"); TweenMax.to(counter, 1, { var: 6340874, onUpdate: function () { tal.innerHTML = Math.ceil(counter.var); }, ease:Circ.easeOut }); } Thanks!
  3. jack challenger

    Chartist.js animation with GSAP

    Hi, I have just recently become a GSAP club member and have started using it for some basic animation. I have a small web project now where I am using the Chartist.js library for creating some simple charts. Chartist.js offers some animation, but unfortunately none of it works in IE. The example/pen is of a line chart, but I also have some bar charts. I was wondering if GSAP could be used to animate these charts so that animation will also be available in IE. Please feel free to ask for more information if anything is unclear! Thanks a lot!