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  1. GSAP Slider with preloader

    @Shaun Gorneau lovely!! I love golf! I need something simpler, perhaps faiding images with no arrows, just navigation (dots). my one on to works almost fine, just not sure is not smooth
  2. GSAP Slider with preloader

    @Dipscom I can see the light my fried:-) is there a way we can integrate clickable buttons width active state like mine?
  3. GSAP Slider with preloader

    @Visual-Q, Dude thanks for taking notice of my post here... What I'm after is a SLIDER, simply a slider in gsap. I build something with a preloader, which is using a imagesloaded plug in. I was trying to incorporate both and make a smooth transition between a loader and the slider.
  4. I'm trying to animate all this element on the svg with a bit of sense, so the feet look like the walking:-) I'd like to achieve : - path { they should animate with delay, so I could have the feeling that they are walking. } - line {it's a stroke which should animate from 0 to 100%.} - polygon (are two arrow that should fade.) I hope it's something that you guys could quickly fix.
  5. GSAP Slider with preloader

    Ok, enough with the bolloking please. I know all the above And I will try my best to remove or improve it. The thing is that if I was that good to make it as you say I was probably able to do it myself without asking for advises or help. I appreciate all your suggestions though.
  6. GSAP Slider with preloader

    @Dipscom Loader above Slider below
  7. GSAP Slider with preloader

    @Dipscom HI mate, ok, I broke it down in 2: Demo of GSAP Loader and demo slider alone. Both with no errors.
  8. GSAP Slider with preloader

    I created this demo which shows a slider with a preloader. The GSAP slider is completely out of sink and doesn't slide on time. How can I load the images and the slider together? It would be nice to have this function working together nicely. Also the fading on the images are a bit glitchy . I might have used to many alphas.
  9. Gsap Slinky animation

    @Diaco hi Diaco, I managed to make a video of what I need, would it be possible to make it in gsap this slinky animation? - starts from standing and after one roll stops. Would it be possible? slinky.m4v
  10. Gsap animation waves and distorsions

    @Jonathan thanks, yes I've seen it, but not sure I can replicate that with a hover state. Is it possible with gsap? I've seen this from @OSUblake https://codepen.io/osublake/pen/WQyBJb?editors=1010 but still on hover? is it possible?
  11. I was wondering if anyone of you had a chace to see this website. I have a project which will require some of those effects. - play button which turns into a overlay? - the effect on the image? - the wave effect on the text? Would be great to see if anyone had a chance to creat or see something like it before? Or so kind to share some demo? http://taotajima.jp/works/itsuka-no-hoshi/
  12. Gsap Slinky animation

    Yes, Great work Diaco and lennco! I managed to use it and I managed to make it working with ScrollMagic:-)
  13. Gsap Slinky animation

    I'm trying to animate it with scrollMagic, and I'm struggle at the moment...
  14. Gsap Slinky animation

    I need to create a animation, I made a slinky demo in css that suit perfectly but is not a gsap build and I need it animated. I'm trying to replicate the same but I'm a bit far away. Could anyone help me to create this slinky animation? It should open up. Slinky demo My demo
  15. I have this tween1 that should should work on click and then reverse in case I scroll back. My tween doesn't work, the click doesnt play and so the reverse doesnt work, so: -on click toggle active which will make the f active will have tween1.reverse() //CLICK EVENT ON SECTION 2, AND WHEN SCROLLING BACK TO SECTION 1 IT SHOULD REVERT ALL var tween1 = new TimelineMax(); tween1.to(".click-element", 0.3, {className: "+=active", x: 500, paused: true }, 0) .to('#section-2', 0.3,{className: "+=darkblue", paused: true }, 0) $(".click-element").on("click", function(e) { $(this).toggleClass('active'); tween1.play(); }); var scene1 = new ScrollMagic.Scene({ triggerElement: "#section-2", offset: 50 }) .on("leave", function() { tween1.reverse(); }) .setClassToggle("body", "darkblue") .addTo(controller);