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  1. jh2k314

    drawSVG with Gradients

    PointC, Thank you for the corrections, I made the adjustments. What I'm trying to do, is when the web page loads, the drawSVG plugin will outline the country, (in my example I'm using Canada and the USA), after it completes drawing the stroke around the country I'm trying to fill that country with a gradient. I've tried the fromTo tween, not working. Not sure what I'm missing or if you or anyone else knows of a better way to accomplish this. Much thanks,
  2. jh2k314

    drawSVG with Gradients

    If someone could help...when I load my page, my drawSVG works fine, but I cannot get a gradient to fill in the country when the drawSVG completes. I'm sure it's something small I'm missing, could use a second perspective. Thanks