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  1. Hello again, and a late happy new year. mi_cky
  2. Hello, my goal is to do this animation seamless - but i have no idea where i have to add the possible overlap parameters for the repeat. please enlighten me.
  3. Endless folding square

    Hello Jack, wow, "a best practice" by Mr. GREENSOCK himself. Thanks for the demo and yes - that will make me a better coder - hopefully I changed the code slightly for my needs - just two colors - and in my humble opinion an outline improves the seams and the outward looking corners.
  4. Endless folding square

    Hello Greensockers, Here's another gifani-inspired greensock animation The animations of the triangle are identical in the "use" copies. I tried to slightly modify the animation of the copies. But the code only partially works. (in the code after / * this -> * /) Attached gif animation shows what the result should look like. Is my approach a possible way? Or do I have to animate all triangles individually? Please leave your two cents
  5. Warning - GreenSock hypnotic :)

    Hi all, one mask - two rects - one timeline - the help of use that simple it can be
  6. simple Tweenmax set - not crossbrowser ?

    Hey Craig, i am curios again - what i remember - have seen a lot of code with Tweenmax.set () but the attr: part i have not seen. Just looking at the docs - no hint for use the - attr: should i use the - attr: - always ? ok - think i get it - there is a difference in handling css and svg ?
  7. simple Tweenmax set - not crossbrowser ?

    Hey Craig, see your two cents thanks. Do you know why Chrome and Opera do ignore the wrong code ? i am curios - my code change the x position but not the width. your code generates an other position and the width
  8. simple Tweenmax set - not crossbrowser ?

    Hey Shaun, Have looked your pen with edge ie11 FF56 - same result - the ".T_Range" has not the expected width.
  9. Hey guys, my simple Tweenmax.set () is going on chrome and opera but not on edge IE11 FF56 have checked three different ways - alway the same result. can anyone point me the right direction ?
  10. Draggable Greenhorn

    Hey guys, ok correct my faults - sorry - rethinking my code and getting a more stable slider. Now you can drag the left side over the right one - vice versa. Here the new codepen. Again sometimes (rare) things are jumping. -> screenshots from my pen (click, click drag - heavy tested) @Jonathan - thanks for pointing me to the svg <defs> problem having changed that. Now it seems there is an other svg failure (Edge IE FF Safari - left and right dragger ok - but where is the range ??) cannot find my fault. @PointC - your two cents are welcome - please tell me more about looping through and cloning - js code handling for the clones ?? and generallly - can someone tell me something about the "array notation" at the end of the - TR_Draggable creation - lastline -> })[0]; <- without i get an - Uncaught TypeError: TR_Draggable.applyBounds is not a function - and the draggable parts "breaking apart". Here it seems i need help understanding GSAP.
  11. Draggable Greenhorn

    Hey guys, need some help. svg symbol with draggable elements used so far - plain javascript? 1.20.3 tweenmax.min.js 1.20.3 draggable.min.js ok this is not crossbrowser - so look at this with latest chrome! sometimes things are jumping. -> screenshots from my pen (click, click drag - heavy tested)
  12. GreenBox impossible

    Playing around with some pseudo 3d boxes.
  13. GreenSock circles go around :)

    another gif animation inspired pleasure.
  14. GreenSock Psychill Fun

    A little bit of fun, inspired by a gif animation.
  15. Draggable SVG Symbol

    Hi, I am new to GreenSock (GSAP) and fiddling around with draggable. Looking at example code on codepen - I cannot find a demo where an svg symbol referenced by <use xlink:href= is handeled by draggable. For now my question is - Can draggable handle an referenced svg symbol ? - Mike