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  1. Codepen doesnt work btw dont know why.. Hey guys what i want to do: animate them out of the screen then animate them all 3 at once back. How do i do this? i commented out the .from because it will do that first and then the rest of the code. Why is this? Ty guys
  2. @Tasty Sites yeah i got thay laying here right next to me! Thanks for the tip
  3. @Tasty Sites Amazing site! Really stoked about greensock. Still little bit hard. have completed it all today i'm going to make notes and try to recreate everything. Thanks
  4. @Tasty Sites Thanks! Going through it today Think this is going to help allot
  5. @OSUblake Thanks for the explaining. Thats awesome! Then i will put some more time into the sequencing like you suggest. I want to grow to a point where i am able to implement jquery into the banners also since i want to learn how to make animated and interactive banners.
  6. @OSUblake Hey OSU thank you for your reply, It's close @Carl made this for me in codepen and this is what i meant Interesting to see that the code's are different. Will study it and try to understand how it works and what differs from eachother. Going to take a good deep look into jquery today to try and understand all of this better so i can make some really awesomme stuff like you guys.
  7. fade in out same position

    @Carl Hey carl, thank you for your fast reply. This really helps me understand. This is exactly what i meant! @PointC Thank you for the reference, will take a deep look into it. Have almost watched almost all tutorials and i am making slow but steady progress. This really helps me out allot. You guys are awesome ! Greeting from the netherlands.
  8. fade in out same position

    Hey guys, I have been struggling to achieve some ( i guess ) basic gsap stuff. What i want to achieve is a text that comes in from out of the screen to the center of the screen and then stays there for a couple of seconds and then moves out of the screen again. Now it is time for a new text that comes in from the left goes to the same position and moves out of the screen again. I tried to achieve this but the problem that i've encountered what that the 3 text items where overlapping eachother at the start. the other 2 text items need to be invisible when the 1st one moves to the center. step 1 : black screen. step2: fade in text 1 to the center of a div coming from the left side of the screen step 3: after a couples of seconds fade out text 1 and disappear. step 4 : text 2 becomes visable and fades in from the left to the center. step 5 : stays there for a couple of seconds --> moves out of screen again step 6: repeat process. I have also drawn to explain, since english isnt my native language. Thank you guys, greensock is awesome!
  9. start animation after sometime

    Hey guys, i am new to greensock. i want to start the 3th .from after a delay of 2 second and continue the animation ( make it wiggle ) and repeat the animation. Basically i want to wiggle the animation after 2 seconds after the previous 2 .from are done. and another question: can you point me to some basic tutorials explaining labels,timelines and nested timelines. thank you guys in advance, best regards, Tim.
  10. @PointC Hey thank you for your reply, what i meant was after the animation stops as you see in codepen. I want to grab the elements from where they stopped and then fade out ( disappear slowly) bij moving out to the right. thanks
  11. Hey guys, I am new to all of this and trying really hard to create a banner where 3 lines of text stagger in ( from left to right ) then bounce and then slowly fade out. Would also love the option to repeat this every so many seconds. I have explored the repeat -1 option, but cannot find the option to repeat an action every so many second. Question: How can i fade out from where the animation last ended? Thank you guys in advance and Gsap is Awesome!