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  1. onRepeat Callback

    @Sahil THANK YOU! Those are all very helpful comments. I really appreciate it.
  2. onRepeat Callback

    Ahhh! Yes, duh. Function, not variable. Thanks for that. Interesting about the DevTools too. I just started using them, very handy.
  3. onRepeat Callback

    I'm working on a custom Throbber for an upcoming client site. The idea is that the bird and the bear in the logo will blink their eyes every time the throbber does a full rotation. I've been looking through docs and other code, and can't seem to find the correct setting which will correctly call the eyesTL when the throbTL repeats. Any thoughts?
  4. Custom Rotation on elements in a Path

    I might do a little more tweaking, but here's the final result:
  5. Custom Rotation on elements in a Path

    @PointC What I just discovered is that the Rotation parameter needs to be added in ALL tweens, or it will not work. When I tried last night, I only added it to the first two tweens to test it. OK. Now we're in business!!! Thanks for the crowdsourcing on this one everybody.
  6. Custom Rotation on elements in a Path

    @OSUblake Can you fork this and show me this in action? When I do it, the animation doesn't respond to the rotation parameter.
  7. Custom Rotation on elements in a Path

    The Wiggle looks good, but I'm looking for a little finer control. So as birdTwo moves in the first section of his path (towards the right), I'd like a slight rotation to the right. And then as it cuts back towards the left, to rotate back to 0 and then slightly more, then as it falls to level out, and then a slight rotation to the right as it returns back to it's original location, and levels out again. Can these rotation points be "attached" on to the bezier path in some way?
  8. Custom Rotation on elements in a Path

    I'm interested in figuring out how to add custom rotations on the tweens between points on my paths. In the Codepen example, I have two birds animated, and would like to give have them turn slightly in the direction they are flying. It doesn't look like the autoRotate parameter does that, as they will shift the rotation angle at path apex, and direction shift. Would love some direction, or an example, or something to read. Thanks!