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  1. explorerzip

    The day-job

    Amazing work! I like the NZ police ad with the flashlight. Reminds me of the good ol days of Flash ads where it would follow your mouse movements.
  2. explorerzip

    TimelineLite Repeat problem

    TimelineMax already includes a repeat function. https://greensock.com/docs/TimelineMax/repeat
  3. explorerzip

    How do you optimize your banner ads?

    You have to compress everything: images and code to be within IAB specs.
  4. explorerzip

    How do you optimize your banner ads?

    Compressing images usually has the biggest effect on file size. There are 2 sites that can compress PNG's really well. I find the easiest way to compress JPGs is to do it right within Photoshop. www.tinypng.com www.compresspng.com TinyPng is really easy to use, just drag and drop your PNG files and download the compressed version. There's also a paid Photoshop plugin so you can export the compressed PNG's without opening a browser. CompressPng gives you more granular control over how many colours to include in the image.
  5. explorerzip

    Modifiers Plugin for Infinite Image Carousel

    Thanks Carl for the input and for making the initial demo for me to copy from If I'm reading your code correctly, does the "wrap" function contain the movement of the "boxes" class between -50 and 450 or any 2 numbers? Thanks again for your help and for all your wonderful videos. I'll update my code with actual images and post it up in the forums for everyone's benefit.
  6. explorerzip

    Modifiers Plugin for Infinite Image Carousel

    That's a lot closer to what I'm looking to accomplish, but there still is a brief glimpse of the grey wrapper container when the boxes move outside of the red box. I'll keep playing around and see if I can get it closer to what I am looking for. Thanks so much for your help though!
  7. explorerzip

    Modifiers Plugin for Infinite Image Carousel

    Thanks for the reply, but I can't change the timing from 0.25 to 0 because that would eliminate the animation of the boxes.
  8. explorerzip

    Modifiers Plugin for Infinite Image Carousel

    Hi Mike Thanks for the reply. Yes the Next button is considered "Forward." I omitted the left property for the .boxes class just to experiment. I don't see any difference between your code and my code? There is a slight difference with your version in that when I click the Next or Previous button past a certain point, the red box is empty for a split second.
  9. I'm trying to make an infinite image carousel that will be part of a rich-media banner ad. The idea is to have the images infinite scroll in both directions with user controls for Next and Previous. The area marked in red would be visible area of the ad. I leveraged the pen from the Modifiers plugin. I got the Next button to work, but the Previous button is not quite as I expected. The Previous moves all the "box" divs to the left (as it should), but they end up outside the red area. The issue is definitely with the bold line below, but I'm not sure how to fix it. function prevButtonClick() { document.getElementById(prevButton) console.log("Mouse click(" + this.id + ")"); if (!TweenMax.isTweening(".box") ){ TweenMax.to(".box", 0.25, { ease: Linear.easeNone, x: "-=50", modifiers: { x: function(x) { return x % 500; This line has to be the culprit. I cannot change this number because it will change the number of divs inside the "boxes" class } } }); } }