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  1. retropunk

    Greensock AS3 documentation where is it?

    sweet, thanks Carl
  2. retropunk

    Greensock AS3 documentation where is it?

    Can we download the archive docs for AS3? I also do AIR Desktop and Mobile jobs and AS3 is alive and well in that arena so AS3 GSAP is something I use constantly. Without the docs I'd be in pain. If we can download the docs that would be swell. Thanks guys
  3. retropunk

    Animate CC vs hand coding

    @fadyhenen What are you trying to do? I looked at the FLA and your code starts with a TimelineMax declaration var tl = new TimelineMax({repeat:3, repeatDelay:1}); but then you don't use it. Everything after that TimelineMax declaration is a TweenMax method.
  4. looking forward to your new exporter tool. I build banners and would be interested in seeing what you are doing.

    1. Oliver16Years


      I'll give You a long-long trial when it is ready to publish. My target auidence is advertising agencies. They are suffering with slow tools and unskilled crew. I know because they are overwhelming me with campaigns :).

      Keep in touch until that.

  5. retropunk

    Animate CC vs hand coding

    Animate CC and GSAP certainly make it easy to build banners regardless of timeline or coded animation. I use it a lot. I also use GSAP for DOM. I look at the creative and make a determination based on the storyboard frames which tool would serve the animation best. I do prefer hand coding but there are short cuts and conveniences that Animate CC provides that are usually worth the compromise. As long as the end result is within spec, performant and makes the client happy...
  6. retropunk

    Chrome 49 - Janky GSAP

    Jonathan, thanks for that tip. I will check it out. Lately, I've been staying away from sprite sheets because they use background-image and that jitter bug happens. Thanks again Patrick
  7. retropunk

    Physics2DPlugin for snow animation

    Is there a Love button for posts? haha...I love how the explosions leave marks. Thats awesome!
  8. retropunk

    TweenNano equivalent

    Could you elaborate on the specs for your project? I am curious to know what you are building. That might help guide a proper solution.
  9. retropunk

    Help with a swap using draggable

    Carl, your solution is totally badass!
  10. retropunk

    Help with a swap using draggable

    yes, but Blake's demos are incredibly concise and easy to read. I would think his hitTest validation should be enough to get you started down the right road. it might be tough to find the perfect answer unless someone already built that exact method. If you check Blakes CodePen profile he's done some other demos with hitTest code via GSAP Draggable.
  11. retropunk

    Actionscript to HTML5 question

    The link Carl included should help you
  12. retropunk

    Help with a swap using draggable

    Blake created an excellent demo that's similar to your execution
  13. retropunk

    TweenNano equivalent

    Packaging HTML projects are different when served online compared to Flash. Check out this article.
  14. retropunk

    Universal ScrollMagic function

    Check out Petrs tutorials He's the current authority on ScrollMagic/GSAP integration
  15. yeah, sometimes you just need to step away and breathe