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  1. Hello everyone, I started to study TweenMax in AS3 environment. I have 2 buttons, each button launches its animation. When I press 1 button then animation 1 starts and it will work all the time even if I press 2 button. Question: How can I stop animation when I call another animation? Sorry for the English, I know him very badly. [Embed(source = "image/anim1.png")] var Anim1:Class; [Embed(source = "image/anim2.png")] var Anim2:Class; var anim1 = new Anim1(); anim1.x = 1070; anim1.y = 284; anim1cont.addChild(anim1); var anim2 = new Anim2(); anim2.x = 1070; anim2.y = 284; anim2cont.addChild(anim2); cont.addChild(anim1cont); cont.addChild(anim2cont); addChild(cont); private function button1(event:MouseEvent):void { removeEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, button1) TweenMax.to(anim1cont, 6, {y:-10,x:-320, repeat:-1}); } private function botton2(event:MouseEvent):void { removeEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, button2) TweenMax.to(anim2cont, 6, {y:-10,x:-320, repeat:-1}); } project1.rar