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    Can't download package?

    Thank you for the quick response! Yes the button is working perfectly now, and the link you gave me works as well. No worries on the continued support, I was just confused as to how I should even start this thing thanks for your help!
  2. enny1

    Can't download package?

    The green button is on this page btw https://greensock.com/gsap-as
  3. enny1

    Can't download package?

    I'm brand new to actionscript. Trying out really random stuff to build my talent in production. Somehow I've failed to pass the first step. The green 'Download' button doesn't work for me! I press it and nothing happens. Is that juts me? Or do I not even need to download anything for this, do I only have to add the "import.blahblahblah" within the package and it searches online? That can't be right...