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  1. Trying to modify osublake's Bezier Connector pen to put draggable circles and line inside of a very large external svg file. I can't duplicate this on CodePen for some reason but on my computer, when I drag the circles, the line follows but it leaves a huge gap between the circles and the line. I've tried everything I can think of, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Modification of OsuBlake's Bezier Connector

    Solved the issue with: var path = document.querySelector(".path"); var redDotXPos = redDot.getBBox().x + redDot.getBBox().width/2; var redDotYPos = redDot.getBBox().y + redDot.getBBox().height/2; var blueDotXPos = blueDot.getBBox().x + blueDot.getBBox().width/2; var blueDotYPos = blueDot.getBBox().y + blueDot.getBBox().height/2; TweenLite.set(path, { x:redDotXPos , y:redDotYPos}); Great product, great forum.... thanks for all you do!
  3. Jump To Labels

    Hi all. Is there a tutorial on how to use labels so that I can test my animations without having to wait for the whole animation to get to the part I'm testing? I think I remember Carl talking about it in one of his videos but I cannot find it. Thanks!
  4. Jump To Labels

    Thanks for your response, I've been playing with the code pen for a while. When I added ".add(pause)" to your code pen it would no longer tween from start to end or end to start, should that be a problem and if so, is there another way to pause the timeline without interfering with tweening the timeline?