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  1. pfreema1

    Update Tween based on mouse position?

    So I think I found the problem. I don't think the code above was updating the mouse position. Here's what it's supposed to look like: So here's a secondary question: the elements inside the wrapper seem to jump a bit at the beginning of the hover and and the end of the hover. Any ideas on why that is?
  2. pfreema1

    Update Tween based on mouse position?

    Hello! I am trying to re-create a hovering animation similar to the one found here when hovering over the location divs: I originally tried just using requestAnimationFrame and updating the css values inside that function, but it turned out very jittery. Then I thought perhaps I could run a setInterval function that would run every .5 seconds and get the current mouse position, then use gsap to tween to that position. The codepen shows the results. It seems to be repeating the tween, but I'm not sure why. I could be approaching the problem completely wrong as well, so any suggestions on that front would be much appreciated. Thanks!