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  1. TweenMax Maximum Call Stack Size Exceeded

    It seems to be working We will implement this in our games and let you know if there are any further issues.
  2. TweenMax Maximum Call Stack Size Exceeded

    @GreenSock During our stress tests we encountered a very similar problem. This is simply caused by stopping and resuming all tweens a bunch of times - in this case 4735 times, but I suspect it's application and device specific. Here is the codepen with the steps: I suspect this is caused by this while loop: p._hasPausedChild = function() { var tween = this._first; while (tween) { if (tween._paused || ((tween instanceof TimelineLite) && tween._hasPausedChild())) { return true; } tween = tween._next; } return false; }; This is reproducible in our games by simply keeping CTRL + tab pressed on chrome and waiting some time. Interestingly, if this keeps going for a while, we receive a different call stack error in our games, from the p.render function in TweenMax.
  3. TweenMax Maximum Call Stack Size Exceeded

    Thank you very much for the prompt response! We will test the solution thoroughly and report if we encounter any more issues.
  4. TweenMax Maximum Call Stack Size Exceeded

    We have linked the ticker of EaselJS with the ticker of TweenMax to achieve a better synchronization and allow for slow-mo effects by manipulating the global timescale.
  5. TweenMax Maximum Call Stack Size Exceeded

    After lurking a bit more, I discovered this which prevents the bug from spamming call stack errors, however it still does not fix the issue completely, as it generates strange values and causes flickering.
  6. TweenMax Maximum Call Stack Size Exceeded

    Hello, Me and my team are experiencing a persisting bug in our game, which we aren't sure if it's a GSAP bug? If you globally pause all tweens when a tween, whose timescale is being handled by another tween, is active, you receive a maximum call stack size exceeded error. Please see the attached pen with the console active Is there a mistake on our part?