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  1. Bubble effect?

    Those first two examples look related to what I'm trying to achieve. I'll look into PIXI.js Thanks PointC
  2. Bubble effect?

    Thanks Jack, I'm working on a HTML5<canvas> project. I'll look for OSUblake.
  3. Bubble effect?

    Thanks Jonathan. Those are very nice...but no that's not the page. I'll keep looking but, in any case: Can I create that bubble/bulge effect using GSAP? (My final product is an <HTML5 canvas>. I've been using Animate CC + GSAP very successfully thus far.)
  4. Bubble effect?

    Hello All, I'm just learning the potential of GSAP and would greatly appreciate a resource: A couple months ago I came across a comprehensive demo page somewhere that shows many transform effects that can be achieved with GSAP...You can go down the page and mouseover/click to see what that effect looks like. I've been looking but can't find that now. Anyone know where something like that is? Also: I need a "bubble" effect for a bitmap. I've attached an image that approximates this: Just a slow bulging of the image from the center. Is there a tween effect for that I can use in the same way that use the Elastic effect?: TweenLite.defaultEase = Elastic.easeInOut; Thanks much! For some reason the image wouldn't attach. Here it is:
  5. Tweening Multiple Elements Simultaneously

    Thanks, PointC. Opens a new world of possibilities! Thanks also for the link to those resources.
  6. Hi All, Likely this is a simple answer but I'm unfamilar and just not using the correct terms when searching: I want two movie clips to tween at the same time. The code below just makes the movie clips tween one right after the other..not simultaneously. tl = new TimelineMax({paused:true, reversed:true}); TweenLite.defaultEase = Elastic.easeInOut;, 1.3,{scaleX:1.3,scaleY:1.3, x: '+=30'}).to (stage.movieClip2, 1.3,{scaleX:1.5,scaleY:1.5, y: '-=60', x: '+=40'}); Thanks much!
  7. Child Movie Clip and Timeline

    NOTE: stage.myMovieClip.myCloseButton.addEvenlistener(.... In the dot syntax path above "myMovieClip" and "myCloseButton" must both be the Instance name of the movie clip (The name of the version that sits upon the stage)...not the name of the movie clip.
  8. Child Movie Clip and Timeline

    Wait! I had a typo in that last test. Yes your syntax works. stage.myMovieClip.myCloseButton.addEvenlistener(.... Thanks so much, Oliver16Years! I will now quit banging my head.
  9. Child Movie Clip and Timeline

    Thanks, Oliver16Years. That makes sense...but doesn't seem to work for me: I put this in the main timeline script: var stage = this; stage.child_MC.closeButton_instance.addEventListener("click", reverseTweenChildMC.bind(this)); Any Animate CC user's help is greatly appreciated. I'm sure it's some simple syntax that I need. I've been searching but probably am not using the correct terms. I'll read that easleJS page. Thanks FYI: When I include the above addEventListener line to the main timeline's script, the other tweens in that timeline that normally work, won't anymore. As if including an addEventListener line that refers to an instance (closeButton_instance) that isn't located in the main timeline (it's located in the child_MC) kills interactivity.
  10. Child Movie Clip and Timeline

    Yes, that's what I'd rather do, Oliver16Years. But if I keep all code in the main timeline I need to communicate between the main timeline and the child movie clip, right? My intent: I need to tween (scale and position) two MCs together: the child MC and its 'close' button. (The user will click on the small dashboard image and it scales up along with its 'close' button located in that same MC. User can then click on that close button to tween everything back to original size and position.) In Shaun Gorneau's helpful example: he has both elements in the same DIV and the JS just tweens the whole a parenting situation. That's how it's done in a web page... So, I'm assuming,but please correct me, that the way to do the same thing in a GSAP + Animate framework (HTML5 <canvas>) is to put all the elements into a child MC...and tween that MC. That looks good but how do I get the code in the main script, like the event handler that listens for clicks on the Close button in the child MC? IOW: How do you make this line (below) work when you move the close button into the child MC? var stage = this; stage.CloseButton.addEventListener("click", ScaleDownDashboard.bind(this)); //Add event listener to the Close button Thanks much!
  11. ...and sorry about misspelling your name.
  12. Hi All, I'm a newbie so I welcome corrections to my assumptions. I am using Animate CC 2017 to build an HTML5 <canvas> final product. In my main movie script I'm using the GSAP timeline functionality to scale up and down a movie clip (ImageA_MC): var tl = new TimelineMax({paused:true, reversed:true}); TweenLite.defaultEase = Elastic.easeInOut; //type of tween, 1.3,{scaleX:3.1,scaleY:3.1, x: '+=250', y: '-=60'}); I like this timeline method because I can include many different tween actions and then just play and reverse everything with:; or tl.reverse(); However, I'm running into a problem when I want to call "; or tl.reverse();" from a child movie clip. Ideally, I'd like to create the TimelineMax timeline and identify the tween properties ...all in the main movie script and then control those tweens from the child MC. (For example, you click on the Close button located in ImageA_MC's timeline and it closes the ImageA_MC itself.) How would the "; or tl.reverse();" be written in the child movie clip's script so it controls the TimelineMax timeline that was created in the main movie script? Thanks much!
  13. Thanks Shawn, Exactly what I was asking for.
  14. Hi All, I'm new to GSAP. This is just a syntax question, I think: I have two images that need to be scaled up and positioned on the screen simeltaneously (using a timeline) if they were attached or parented. My attempts to do this result in one of the images moving at a slightly different rate which is not what I need. Below doesn't work as written ...but should give you an idea what I need to do: var tl = new TimelineMax({paused:true, reversed:true}); TweenLite.defaultEase = Elastic.easeInOut; (and ImageB), 1.3, {scaleX:3,scaleY:3, x: '+=263', y: '-=50'}); //These images need to scale up and move exactly in tandem as if attached. Any help appreciated!
  15. "you should only apply that TweenLite.selector line inside the generated html file that animate cc outputs. jQuery would not work inside Animate CC." Thanks Jonathan. I'll keep that in mind.